Strings Attached

Ask Umbra on the disappearance of OB tampons and more sustainable alternatives

Some are calling it a Tampocalypse. But sometimes disappearing OB tampons happen for a reason. This could be your chance to switch to a greener option


How much better is Canada?

Site fuels the which-country-is-better debate by comparing stats like electricity use and oil consumption. Warning: It's addictive.


Parsing the new 'humane' food labels

What do the new "humane" labels really mean for things like pork and eggs? Depends on who's backing them.

Woolly buddies

Making cheese from Icelandic sheep [VIDEO]

At Star Thrower Farm, Deborah and Scott Pikovsky raise these cold-hardy animals for their milk, meat, and wool -- and they do it outside, on pasture, all year long.

squeaky wheel

Angry abandoned tire goes on killing spree (don't worry, it's a movie)

What happens to tires when road rage sets in? Check out the trailer for Rubber, a new movie about a tire that's gone around the bend.


‘Portlandia’ skewers your urban green lifestyle

Bikers, locavores, and just plain urbanites, quake in fear: Your lives are no longer safe from actually-funny satire.

Fat of the land

U.K. organic milk better for you than conventional, thanks to cows' grass-based diet

A peer-reviewed U.K. study found that organic milk delivers significantly higher levels of healthy fatty acids than does conventional milk. But the real difference stemmed from what the cows eat.


New Agtivists: Nikhil Arora and Alex Velez turn coffee grounds into fun fungi kits

When two good-looking 23-year-olds give up careers in investment banking to grow mushrooms, oysters and shiitakes aren't the first fungi one imagines.


Walmart, KFC, and others fight over Africa’s new middle class

Despite widespread poverty, Africa's middle class is now bigger than India's ... which hasn't escaped the likes of Walmart, KFC, and Nestle.