That big shelf in the sky?

Where do library books go when they die?

A creative way to recycle books that are ready to checkout for good.

billions and billions interred

Death by McDonald's [VIDEO]

A group of U.S. doctors has a morbid new ad aimed at taking a bite out of Americans' fatal attraction to fast food. Watch the short ad.

coming to your consensus

My Intentional Life: House Meetings Rule?

The My Intentional Life crew's whole building gathers for a monthly meeting to discuss chicken coops, beehives, and other creature comforts.

Greening the mommy wars

Is it greener to be a homemaker than to have a job outside the home?

A letter writer argues that it's better for the planet if one partner in a household stays out of the workforce. But that's quite a stretch.

a fashion steak-ment

Lady Gaga’s VMA meat dress ‘no disrespect’ to vegans and vegetarians

Lady Gaga took home Video of the Year at the 2010 Video Music Awards, but she could have also grabbed the title of "Best Dressed" when she strutted out with her hams dressed in meat. Watch Ellen DeGeneres give her beef for the meaty outfit -- along with something more suit-able.

Dwelling on green design

Green design finds a home in Dwell magazine [AUDIO]

Since its launch in 2000, the magazine Dwell has helped popularize green architecture and design. Alison Stewart of PBS speaks with editor Aaron Britt

Hug it out

Nissan’s smug (?), cute (?), ironic (?) polar bear Leaf ad

A Nissan ad shows a polar bear lumbering down from the Arctic to embrace a commuter in a hug -- a thank-you for driving the fully electric Leaf sedan.

Night Light

Balancing commemoration and conservation on Sept. 11

Much was illuminated on September 11, as two beams of light glowed in New York to memorialize those lost nine years ago.

I'd rather have sour grapes

Ask Umbra on avoiding crude oil in vinegar

Ask Umbra uncaps the nuances of vinegar here in this white vinegar primer. Don't mix crude oil with your vinegar!