Could your dildo kill you?

Germany's Green Party has a penetrating concern: Toxic substances in sex toys.

Get yourself sterilized and win a free car

India has a massive and worsening overpopulation problem -- the country has added 181 million people in the last 10 years. So health officials in the state of Rajasthan are trying to lure people into …


Plastic purge: Trouble on every aisle

It took me two hours to buy five days' worth of groceries that didn't have any plastic packaging. Two hours! WTF?

WWF leaflet campaign reaches 285,142 people with one piece of paper

As certified genius Mitch Hedberg once said, when someone hands you a flyer on the street, it's like they're saying "here, YOU throw this away." But the panda-suited chuggers in this World Wildlife Fund leaflet …


Plastic purge: The enemy is everywhere

I am going to eliminate as much plastic as possible from my life for two weeks. But I'm keeping my toothbrush. I'm not THAT crazy.

Green Living Tips

Simply groundbreaking: Ask Umbra on green celebrations

One reader thinks a traditional ribbon-cutting just won’t cut it for a green building dedication. Ask Umbra looks into some festive alternatives.


Grist guilty pleasures: Independence Day edition

fourth of july guilty pleasures

Got First World problems? This is your jam.

Bougie concerns about comfort and convenience are sort of the bane of the environmental movement … and the social justice movement … and the general not-being-an-annoying-brat movement. But hey, we all have days when we …


Is your shampoo making you fat?

More research suggests that the toxic chemicals present in our everyday lives play a role in the obesity epidemic.