Sometimes a driverless car is not just a driverless car: Thoughts on widgets and systems

Driverless cars are coming soon, offering an opportunity to think about the difference between swapping out technological widgets and changing whole systems.

British man’s dog sniffs out smelly whale secretion worth thousands

A man's dog finds him a big lump of ambergris worth thousands. Moral of the story: get a dog.

Water use for electricity production set to double globally by 2035

Blame biofuels -- and, of course, coal.

Marktown, Ind., a historic town shivering in BP’s dark shadow

The century-old community may soon be razed so that an adjacent BP refinery can spill over its borders.

Dirty laundry: How long can one woman go without washing her clothes?

In which Grist's green-living pioneer, the Greenie Pig, puts off wash day as long as possible. Oh, the things she'll do for the planet!

Good news for peer-to-peer car-sharing

Lyft takes off in California, clearing a regulatory hurdle and expanding into L.A. Meanwhile, Getaround is getting bigger in Portland.

More vignettes from North Frackota, where rents are sky-high and adultery is illegal

North Dakota -- fastest-growing state in the nation thanks to a fracking boom -- offers lots of traffic and crowds and not much fun.

The secret to the sharing economy: ‘You don’t want the drill — you want the hole’

Shareable founder Neal Gorenflo talks about crowdsourcing his life, his decision to give up his beloved surf wagon, and how sharing is reshaping the economy.

Playing house: Making tiny-home living work with kids

Living in a tiny house with kids sounds like a nightmare. But those living the dream say the biggest challenges can turn out to be unexpected blessings.