The sharing economy wants to play with the big kids — is it ready?

Can companies like Airbnb survive in a hostile regulatory environment -- or even rewrite the rules? Maybe, but only if they're honest about what they're doing.

Glam locks: The not-so-secret secret to naturally gorgeous hair

Grist's green-living pioneer, the Greenie Pig, scours the land for alternatives to chemical-laden shampoo, and finds the answer right in the kitchen cabinet.

Soot is the second-most dangerous global warming pollutant

New findings suggest that particulate emissions pose a serious threat to the climate.

This leopard would win at hide and seek every time

Some animals just think they're good at a camouflage. This leopard actually is.

Snow made from sewage looks like someone peed on it

It wasn't supposed to be this way.

North Frackota’s population boom means more young men — and more problems

Thanks to the fracking boom, the ratio of men to women tops 3 to 2 in some places of North Dakota -- and harassment and assault are on the rise.

Grist comic wins population prize; babies still happening

The Population Institute honors our illustrated feature "7 Billion, Unpacked."

Americans like nature so much they spend more on outdoor recreation than on gas

An outdoors industry association says that we spend about $646 billion dollars every year on apparel, equipment, accessories, food, transportation, lodging and so forth.

Court: Polar bear habitat that interferes with oil drilling has to go

Because bears are cute, but money is cuter.