7 billion? It’s time to talk

People go out of their way to avoid talking about population, just as they do with sex, politics, and religion. But it’s time to get over the squeamishness.


Population facts and figures at your fingertips

The number of people in the world is expected to reach 7 billion by the end of October 2011. Our rate of increase continues to slow from the high point of over 2 percent in …

Green Home

Experiment in (e)co-habitation gets the green light

It looks like a hippie commune. It smells like a hippie commune. But the Belfast Cohousing & Ecovillage is not a hippie commune!


Street artists see the city as their canvas

The artist Gaia is part of a young generation using art to revitalize cities, engage residents, and connect to the past.

Soiled diapers can now end up as roof tiles

Babies! They use so much energy that the best thing you could do to save the human race from climate change might be to avoid having one altogether. But if you choose the reproductive path, at …


Will more attention to climate change bring back ‘population control’?

I'm afraid that attention to climate will revive alarmist debates on population. And as a woman of color, I'm worried that the specter of population control will rear its ugly head again.

Climate change is the reason kids don't go outside anymore

Only one in 10 kids goes outside every day. It's hard to see how this is possible, unless the other 90 percent are Morlocks, but maybe shuttling between the front door and the air-conditioned interior …

Green Home

Will new LEED standards allow for clearcut timber?

Environmentalists say that proposed changes to LEED green building standards will undercut forest protection.


Ask Umbra: What's up with plastic made from plants?

Grist's new head honcho can't get his head around compostable, plant-based plastic. Umbra breaks it down.