Ask Umbra: Can I recycle my car seat?

A reader wonders what to do with an expired car seat. Umbra buckles down.


Women’s rights are key to slowing population growth

The best way to slow growth is ensuring that people can make choices about childbearing. But fertility rates remain high where women's status is low.


Women, population, and the age of the ‘Black Swan’

World population doubled in the last half-century to nearly 7 billion people. To address population growth, we need to advance and secure women's rights.


Population math explained: Growth rate is down, total is up [VIDEO]

Over the past 50 years, the growth rate of the global population has slowed, but our overall numbers keep going up and up. Check out video explainers.

As if they haven't done enough for you, trees also increase property values

Trees, man! They produce oxygen, they cool the planet, they make you smarter, and it turns out they also make your house worth more. It's like a Shel Silverstein book or something.

Reenact global warming in your cocktail

This Japanese site sells ice cube molds depicting penguins and polar bears sitting on ice floes. As the ice melts, both the floes and the critters are destroyed, making this a pretty good simulation of …


Come and get your Endangered Species Condoms

The Center for Biological Diversity wants to give away 100,000 Endangered Species Condoms this fall. Wanna help?


Change GDP, change the world

What if social and political change -- changes in government policy, cultural norms -- can do for demand what technological change can do for supply?

Green Home

The Greenie Pig’s got worms

This aspiring eco-mama's got a box of wigglers in the kitchen. Just please guys, don’t try to escape.