spit falls of public transit

Public service announcement: Don’t spit on the people transporting you

ghmss via Flickr Creative Commons Bus drivers put up with a lot of crap: cranky commuters in the early morning, drunk partiers late at night, and would-be passengers breathlessly demanding that they open-the-doors-right-this-minute-I-didn’t-chase-this-bus-three-blocks-for-nothing. Maybe even …

Seed it to believe it

Win some free ‘Dirt!’

Dearest readers, I’m giving away DVDs of Dirt! The Movie signed by the directors to eight lucky readers. Narrated by Jamie Lee Curtis, the film is a glorious ode to the “living skin of the …

gulf tee

Show how much you–and BP–care with a commemorative oil spill T-shirt

streetgiantIf you want to do something about the Gulf oil spill and you’re one of those people who likes to wear their heart on their sleeve, try this on for size: a commemorative T-shirt of …

Fry power

Breaking Through Concrete: Day 1 — Seattle to Talent, Ore.

The Breaking Through Concrete bus on the way to Oregon.(Michael Hanson photos)   Breaking Through Concrete team(Michael Hanson)The Breaking Through Concrete team — David Hanson, Michael Hanson, Charles Hoxie, and Edwin Marty — is taking …

Kids Books and Rainforest Destruction

Imagine your horror if you picked up a copy of a book on rainforests to read to your kids, intending to teach them good environmental values, and discovered that the book about rainforests was printed …

Book 'em, Danno

Ask Umbra on eco-fiction and hair donations for the oil spill

Send your question to Umbra! Q. Dear Umbra, I hate to bother you, but I tried doing a Grist search to answer my question and nothing really turned up. I was hoping you could recommend …

The pathway to progress is ... a pathway

Bike to Work Day and bike to work cities

Courtesy Billg1 via PicasaHere’s a late Bike to Work Day post. OK it’s a glorified retweet of Ezra Klein’s three-paragraph story about giving up his car in D.C., which is worth reading. Here’s the last …

The Wheel World

Ask Umbra’s pearls of wisdom on driving

Dearest readers, Photo: GmanViz via FlickrIn light of the recent oil spill flooding not only the Gulf but also all of our minds here at Grist HQ, I think it’s an apt time to reflect …

rice rack

Boost your support for urban agriculture with a rice-growing bra

AFPEager to show your full support for urban farming, ladies? Then try this over-the-shoulder rice-paddy holder: a bra that double-A’s a pot to grow rice, complete with irrigation system (the watering hose is a belt …

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