A be-nice, don’t-hog-the-road guide for cyclists

Transportation Alternatives has a new guide on how to bike within the law, and with courtesy and compassion.

140 nations — including the U.S. — agree on treaty to slash use of mercury

The U.N. agreement -- still to be signed -- would cut mercury in power production and common manufacturing processes.

Baby, you can drive my car: How car sharing teaches us to be good neighbors

Remember when technology was going to shred our social fabric? Well, here’s an example of how it might be doing just the opposite.

Ask Umbra: Should I sell my Exxon stock?

A reader wonders if it’s unethical to hang on to Big Oil stocks, and if shareholder activism does any good. Umbra offers some centsible advice.

Happy MLK Day! Now get off the couch and do the King proud

Today is the only national holiday that is not really a day "off," but a day "on."

There’s a hole in my plastic-bag law

In Alameda County, Calif., stores are getting around the new plastic-bag ban by calling plastic bags "reusable."

More than half the U.S. is still in drought, and it’s likely to last through April

A little winter isn't going to stop the worst drought in decades.

This tiny transforming apartment will make you hate your current place, but love the future

This apartment is so beautiful I had to throw my couch out the window and cry.

Guess which North American country produces the most garbage. Wrong!

We suspect that this factoid won't make it into tourism brochures.