The GINK Chronicles

The green message in 'Eat, Pray, Love'

Elizabeth Gilbert -- author of the bestselling "Eat, Pray, Love," now a big-budget Julia Roberts movie -- makes a strong case for going childfree.

Planet mirth

Follow the epic life cycle of this majestic creature — the plastic bag [VIDEO]

Two things close to my heart -- the epic nature documentary and the wry mockumentary -- come together in this masterful mating display chronicling the circle of life for a "disposable" plastic bag. Watch the awe-inspiring footage captured of this persistent creature.

Trash Talk

My Intentional Life: Things Get Messy

Gabriel and Hunny wrestle with one of the most divisive issues of communal living: housekeeping. Will the roommates find a way to clean up without breaking up?

muscle car

Fred Flintstone wants this car and so should you

When your car is powered by pure muscle, backseat drivers are more than welcome. But to get your hands on one from HumanCar, you might have to get in line behind Fred Flintstone. Take a look at the future -- or is it the past? -- of transportation.

Auto-tune mashups

‘iPod zombie’ walkers are threatening the lives of innocent SUV drivers

I saw a 17-walker pileup just this morning on the way to work. Twisted limbs, spilled lattes, tangled earbud cords. It was horrific.


Live chat with Lisa Hymas on population and the choice to be childfree

Read the intelligent and thoughtful insights from Grist Senior Editor Lisa Hymas and Grist readers from their discussion of population, reproductive rights, and deciding whether or not to pursue parenthood on a crowded planet.

E tofu, Brutus?

A recently converted vegetarian tells which meatless dogs cut the mustard

Do vegetarians have to trade that smoky, juicy hot-dog flavor from our childhood ballgames for rubbery, ersatz wieners? A brand new herbivore fearlessly fires up the grill to find out.

Oy milk!

Ask Umbra on the impacts of and alternatives to milk

If you think milk comes from a benevolent dairy fairy, you’re in for a surprise. Umbra answers a question about dairy cows and milk options that are friendlier to animals, the environment, and your health.


Walk Score team unveils Transit Score and two more apps

First there was Walk Score, the web tool that calculates how walkable a neighborhood is and ranks it on a 100-point scale. Today the same developers release Transit Score, an app that ranks how well-served a location is by buses and rail lines.