Stir crazy

Tom’s Kitchen: An early summer’s fried rice with sautéed greens

Many people claim they don’t have time to cook fresh meals “from scratch.” In Tom’s Kitchen, Grist’s food editor discusses some of the quick and easy things he gets up to in … well, his …

Attack of the killer PVs

Solar panels’ deadly attraction lures some to their demise

masterjack.roger via FlickrPV, I only have eyes for you. It really bugs us that there are (naturally) some down sides to renewable energy solutions, such as solar or wind. Which makes the news that the …

Bombs away

A new era dawns in the wine world

[Warning: your earnest food-politics commentator is about to burrow headfirst into a wine rabbit hole. Follow him — it will be fun!] In a micro-screed issued Feb. 13 on Twitter, wine’s most influential writer railed …

Spotlight: Camille Parmesan, Field Biologist

Are butterflies the silent harbingers of global warming?

Camille Parmesan studies the effects of global warming by chasing butterflies. Sounds fanciful, but it is anything but. Her careful field observations of butterfly populations have produced compelling evidence of how climate change has already …

Meat man

Heritage Foods’ Patrick Martins wants to put slaughterhouses back in the city [Q&A]

Rare breed: Patrick Martins moves old-school meat.(Les Meyers photo)After founding Slow Food USA in 2000, Patrick Martins went on to cofound Heritage Foods USA, a nationwide purveyor of meat from sustainably raised, heritage-breed animals, which …

Takeout takedown

How to be ‘Fast, Fresh, and Green’ in the kitchen [book review]

Like recycling, listening to NPR, and caring about the World Cup, everyday cooking has become a de rigeur activity for those with certain class and cultural aspirations. And that’s as it should be. We need …

Obama has spoken, now let's act

We applaud President Obama’s plan for the restoration of the Gulf Coast and his commitment to comprehensive climate-change legislation. As the President stated yesterday, we must embrace a clean-energy future. We must unleash American innovation …

A bright idea

How many energy-efficient light bulbs does it take to close 705 coal plants?

The lighting sector is on the edge of a spectacular revolution, a shift from the century-old, inefficient incandescent light bulb to far more efficient technologies. Perhaps the quickest, most profitable way to reduce electricity use worldwide -- thus cut

MEGA slow mania

A return to the land, and fresh food, in the backyards of the Delta

January 2011 update: Many of the photos have been removed from this series so they can be published in a Breaking Through Concrete book, forthcoming this year from UC Press. We drive south down Route …

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