Want to fight climate change? Don’t work so hard

Get lazy, folks! Working fewer hours could make a significant dent in climate-warming emissions.

This Mardi Gras, don’t bead off in public

After seeing an oil spill lay waste to the Louisiana coastline, longtime resident Holly Groh hopes to make New Orleans' epic cavalcade of debauchery a bit greener -- and she's starting with the beads.

How the shale boom came to North Dakota — and how it’s spreading west

There's lots of shale oil in Colorado and California too, but residents of those states are more suspicious of fracking.

Super Bowl ad brawl: SodaStream does what Sierra Club can’t

Companies selling products that cut down on waste might end up leading the cultural push against overconsumption.

Americans spent 4 percent of household income on gas in 2012

Even though Americans are using less gas, we're paying more for it. And that's making oil companies rich.

Ask Umbra: Are bathroom wipes safe?

A reader inquires about those pre-moistened wipes that are making the rounds. Umbra cautions hem to arrhoid them at all costs.

Lawmakers call for end to animal-deafening, oil-finding offshore surveys

Not that this means the surveys will actually stop.

Sometimes a driverless car is not just a driverless car: Thoughts on widgets and systems

Driverless cars are coming soon, offering an opportunity to think about the difference between swapping out technological widgets and changing whole systems.

British man’s dog sniffs out smelly whale secretion worth thousands

A man's dog finds him a big lump of ambergris worth thousands. Moral of the story: get a dog.