The GINK videos

'Sister Wives' is latest reality show to glorify mega-families

TLC made fauxlebrities out of Jon and Kate Gosselin and the Duggar family with its 19 kids. How do you get bigger and weirder than that? Polygamists!

Bill and TEDxcellent adventurerers

Watch Sylvia Earle, Fabien Cousteau, Van Jones, others explore plastic pollution and the ocean

Activists, innovators, explorers, and artists are gathering in Los Angeles on November 6 for TEDx:GreatPacificGarbagePatch. It's featuring a day jam-packed with videos and live speeches from a gyre's-worth of famous ocean-lovers and plastic-pollution-haters. Watch the livestream here all day Saturday!

British homeowners are feeling really turned off

Turning energy savings in London into solar for Africa

What if turning off the lights in your home or office could help people in Africa turn theirs on?

Partying green isn't just for St. Patty's

The greenest party schools

Which colleges make the green grade and know how to party?

Trash talking

Oscar-nominated documentary 'Waste Land' explores the world's largest garbage dump

Fascinating trash-art documentary Waste Land netted an Oscar nomination today for Best Documentary (Feature). Read our interview with the director!

If it's all the game to you

Fixing climate change with a video game

If you're game to save (or set aflame) the planet from the threat of climate change, you should give the eerily realistic computer game, Fate of the World, a spin.

Waste, not

Reducing urban water use around the world with compost toilets

Theodore Roosevelt once noted "civilized people ought to know how to dispose of the sewage in some other way than putting it into the drinking water." But that's what we're still doing every day.

The GINK Chronicles

What does the election mean for population and reproductive rights?

Congress will have a lot more anti-choicers. Expect attacks on international family-planning programs and a big fight over birth-control coverage.

The Roots

Ask Umbra’s Book Club: Live chat with Americana author Kurt B. Reighley

Are you embracing a simpler life, one focused on community and sustainability? Then check out our live chat with author Kurt B. Reighley about this phenomenon, which he describes in his book United States of Americana: A field guide to the new American Roots movement!