Meat man

Heritage Foods’ Patrick Martins wants to put slaughterhouses back in the city [Q&A]

Rare breed: Patrick Martins moves old-school meat.(Les Meyers photo)After founding Slow Food USA in 2000, Patrick Martins went on to cofound Heritage Foods USA, a …

Takeout takedown

How to be ‘Fast, Fresh, and Green’ in the kitchen [book review]

Like recycling, listening to NPR, and caring about the World Cup, everyday cooking has become a de rigeur activity for those with certain class and …

Obama has spoken, now let's act

We applaud President Obama’s plan for the restoration of the Gulf Coast and his commitment to comprehensive climate-change legislation. As the President stated yesterday, we …

A bright idea

How many energy-efficient light bulbs does it take to close 705 coal plants?

The lighting sector is on the edge of a spectacular revolution, a shift from the century-old, inefficient incandescent light bulb to far more efficient technologies. Perhaps the quickest, most profitable way to reduce electricity use worldwide -- thus cut

MEGA slow mania

A return to the land, and fresh food, in the backyards of the Delta

January 2011 update: Many of the photos have been removed from this series so they can be published in a Breaking Through Concrete book, forthcoming …

clim(art)e change

Daniel Dancer’s ‘sky art,’ climate change choreography

Imagine if your job was to work with a couple of thousand elementary school kids at the same time — to keep them on task, …

watt a terrible idea

2010’s most annoying fad: the ‘vintage’ incandescent bulb

Some ideas are broken from the start.Photo: laszlo-photo via Flickr Apparently, the latest retro-hot-design fad revolves around inefficiency so glaring it’s blinding: a return to …

Potty Talk

Ask Umbra wipes up the confusion on TP, pee rags, and bidets

Send your question to Umbra! Q. Dear Umbra, We’ve been using “pee rags” for a while now, but are trying to find a way to …

Urbivore's dilemma

A takeout eater turns CSA shareholder

I’ve lived in New York for four years. Being a busy, free spirit in the city doesn’t lend itself to grocery shopping and meal planning. …

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