My attempt to get through Manhattan, live

In which I attempt to get from upper Manhattan to Brooklyn in a city whose transportation systems are still recovering.

Climate & Energy

New Jersey is running out of gas

Gasoline has emerged as a critical -- and scarce -- commodity in the wake of Sandy.

Climate & Energy

In wake of Sandy, media may finally be willing to discuss climate change

The scale and destruction of Hurricane Sandy has made the issue of climate change impossible to ignore by politicians and the media -- even Fox is getting in on the action.


Post-Sandy, bike generators bring joy to NYC in the form of charged gadgets

Bicycle-powered generators are bringing people together and charging up their cell phones on the streets of New York.


Sandy spooks East Coast Halloween

Did Frankenstorm Sandy crush Halloween hopes?

Business & Technology

Chinese protesters kill plans for chemical plant expansion

Activists in Ningbo, China, hit the streets and succeeded in scuttling plans to expand a plant that produces the chemical paraxylene, or PX.


Superstorm Sandy’s climate change connection

Frankenstorm Sandy is a freak of our decidedly human-damaged nature. Scientists mostly agree that climate change had a hand in crafting it. But how, exactly?

Climate & Energy

Here are all of the ways that coal is bad for your health

It turns out -- and this will shock you -- that living near a coal mine or coal plant is unhealthy.


Ask Umbra: Is it greener to shop online?

A reader wonders if she can skip the trip to the big-box store and save the planet at the same time. Umbra answers unequivocally: "Yes. No. Maybe."