Moderation nations

How do you eat well? Share your 'food rules'

Culture has much to teach us about how to choose, prepare, and eat food. I'm collecting and preserving more of this wisdom before it disappears, in an expanded edition of my last book.

Man v. bird

DIY turkey: From farm to family dinner table [VIDEO]

I wanted the full Thanksgiving experience: turkey hunting, visiting farms, bringing a bird home to my backyard -- and killing it and serving it to the family.

blame it on the stain

Ask Umbra on DIY stain removal and spray starch for the holidays

Ask Umbra shares green tips on how to get your tablecloths crisp and how to get them clean after the holiday revelry is done.

From cold turkey to roast turkey

A turkey virgin gobbles for help!

Normally a vegetarian for environmental reasons, I've ordered an organic, heritage breed turkey from a local farm. But what do I do with it now?

The GINK videos

Bristol Palin and 'The Situation' talk up safe sex [VIDEO]

While training for "Dancing With the Stars," Bristol Palin teamed up with "Jersey Shore"'s The Situation to film this PSA warning against teen pregnancy.

Moving violations

Mother of Green Party candidate killed by SUV becomes bike-safety advocate

No amount of infrastructure will be sufficient if we continue to treat vehicular manslaughter so cavalierly.


6 ways to solve the ‘renter’s dilemma’ for home energy

If renters aren't staying and landlords aren't paying utility bills, who pays for home-energy improvements?

Turnip your nose

Urbivore’s Dilemma, Weeks 23 & 24: Some unsavory choices

Local, seasonal CSA produce is autumnal cornucopia. It's time for the Urbivore to get roasting -- but what happens when she can't take a turnip and finds her sense of wonder wounded by a worm?

The activist currently known as Prince

NBC’s green nagging takes a break for the Prince of Wales documentary ‘Harmony’

The film looks mighty, mighty earnest, so consider yourself warned if you're prone to nodding off at such things.