Urban eggtivism

How to get your city to allow backyard chickens

Around the country, chickens are gaining popularity as productive pets, yet many municipalities forbid keeping them. Here’s what you can do if yours is among them.


Can we make climate change sexy — or at least less boring?

Would bikini-clad researchers posing at the Arctic help thaw climate apathy?

Nice fishing

Sustainably farmed trout make a tasty, savory chowder [VIDEO]

A visit to Star Prairie, a small trout farm situated on the Apple River in Wisconsin, yields fish for a cold-killing chowder.


Weeds, rock snot, and lionfish: a menu for 'invasivores'

The latest trend in sustainable food? Eating invasive species. Here's your recipe for an invasivore dinner, complete with lionfish, pigeon, and weeds.

Meat me in the middle

Ask Umbra: Living up to a New Year’s resolution for meatless Mondays

How can a dedicated chicken-wing lover make his way through 52 Meatless Mondays? Umbra arms the goal-oriented Wing Man with inspiration and tips from the author of The Meat Lover's Meatless Cookbook, Kim O'Donnel.

7 billion for all mankind

2011: The year we’ll hit 7 billion

Sometime in the latter half of this year, the world population will hit 7 billion people. Already? Didn't we just hit 6 billion? Yep, a mere dozen years ago.


2010: The year childfree went mainstream (thanks, Oprah!)

Childlessness is nothing new — for as long as we’ve had parents, we’ve had people who are not parents. Across centuries and cultures, at least 10 percent of women never have children, writes Elizabeth Gilbert. …

finger-clickin' good

The 10 most popular Grist posts of 2010

From Audi ads to BP coffee spills, with locavore ball-busting and Obama-baiting in between, here are the stories you loved to debate this year.


Obama calls NFL Eagles owner about clean energy (oh yeah, and Michael Vick)

Did Obama call Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeff Lurie to praise his decision to let Michael Vick return to the team ... or to discuss clean energy?