Necessity is a mother

Memo to ecovores: It’s cheaper being green

Listen up, locavores: Many of us live by the same ecologically sound principles as you, not so we can "live intentionally," but because we're broke.

Light my fire

Feeding our wood stove in winter

Our farm provides more than nutrition. We also have the land to thank for the toasty living room I now enjoy.


FarmHack celebrates 'resourceful farming with found materials'

Farming attracts tinkerers, makers, and make-doers -- and now some have begun open-sourcing their inventions on a new blog.


Rent a stranger’s car (or rent out yours) with RelayRides

Think ZipCar minus the communal cars, and you've got RelayRides. You can rent out your vehicle for an hour or find a ride nearby if you're carless.

A way with birds

Ask Umbra Book Club: What should we do about cats killing birds?

Umbra sparks discussion of her Book Club pick "Freedom" with video of author Jonathan Franzen talking about how to get people to care about the environment.

The GINK Chronicles

How the childfree can be parents too

Deciding to be childfree doesn't have to mean forgoing the joys of parenting. Co-parenting has a lot to offer for the childfree, parents, and kids.

Crowd control

Ask Umbra’s Book Club: Why don’t people talk about population?

Overpopulation is a big theme in Umbra's latest Book Club selection, Freedom. We've got exclusive Grist video of author Jonathan Franzen talking about the issue. Why isn't everyone else talking about it? Do you worry …

Story of Stocking Stuffers

Live chat with the Story of Stuff’s Annie Leonard

'Tis the season of giving, which is why Umbra is looking forward to chatting with Annie Leonard, the mastermind behind the Story of Stuff project.

Who resuscitated the electric car?

Watch the trailer for 'Revenge of the Electric Car' [VIDEO]

Watch the movie trailer for "Revenge of the Electric Car," the sequel to 2006's "Who Killed the Electric Car?" from filmmaker Chris Paine.