Americans on pace to spend a record amount of money on gas this year

And to generate a hell of a lot of CO2 while we're at it.

This Twitter feed is written by actual wild birds

Latvian artist Voldemars Dudums' bird-feeder keyboard tempts tomtits to tweet.

U.K. flooding prompts now-standard question: How will we pay for this?

The U.K. has gotten drenched over the last few days. Thanks to climate change, it will be experiencing -- and paying for -- a lot more floods in the future.

Your local beach may be getting slightly cleaner, or maybe not

Tightened EPA guidelines on allowable bacteria levels at beaches would be more effective if mandatory.

California’s Central Valley is tired of taking Los Angeles’ shit


Paris to ban older cars, ruining all of your chase scenes

Everything you know about Paris (that you learned by watching the Bourne Identity) is about to change.

This bonsai-shaped solar charger is one of the cutest gadgets we’ve seen

Unlike many solar gadgets, it's an object you might actually want in your house. And it can more than handle all your wireless charging needs.

Does your state suck at reproductive rights? Find out

If you live in Mississippi, the answer is yes. A new report card grades states on availability of birth control, teen pregnancy rates, and more.

Ask Umbra: Should I trash my old tree lights?

A reader wants to upgrade to LED Christmas lights. Umbra strings together some options for his old lights.