Nothing corporate: Holiday shopping outside the big-box store

An attempt to avoid giving chain-store Christmas gifts kicks off with a weekend craft-fair binge.

Ask Umbra: How to preserve green news

This week, Umbra writes to you for help. We have less than 24 hours to dispatch a despicable plot.

Here’s how you can get conservatives to care about the environment

"Purity, patriotism and reverence for a higher authority" motivate conservatives to care about the environment. Moral arguments, not so much.

New York’s bike share gets a new new new new new launch date

NYC's bike-sharing program is now expected to start up in May 2013. If you're adding that to your calendar, do so in pencil.

The Grister who stole Christmas

When one Grist staffer set out to create a low-impact holiday, a national TV news program dubbed him a “Grinch.” But his message seems to have struck a chord.

Sandy’s aftermath: Economy, jobs, housing hit hard — but for how long?

Those who can leave areas most at-risk from future storms will, further exacerbating the challenges of low-income residents who can't.

Richard Cizik

Evangelical leader says we need family planning to help fight climate change

Richard Cizik, leader of an evangelical climate campaign, calls for family planning as a way to prevent both abortion and global warming.

Make a bow with recycled film!

This easy-to-make holiday gift topper is sure to be a blockbuster hit.

Ask Umbra: Reused any good movies lately?

A reader wonders if there’s anything to be done with old movie film. Umbra’s response is worthy of an Oscar.