Cast Irons in the fire

Urbivore’s Dilemma, Week 11: Cast iron and pot luck

This week's Urbivore's Dilemma: Hosting the biggest dinner party ever in my tiny Brooklyn apartment, and getting sentimental about heirloom cast iron skillets.

Doggone environmentalists ...

Are these small dogs more eco-friendly than your lab? [SLIDESHOW]

Your dog's carbon pawprint is probably larger than you think. But instead of jettisoning the pet, how about downsizing to a smaller pooch?

sew you think you can dance in that?

Turning yesterday's fugly into today's fashion — for $1

The world would be better off if we could all take a stitch in nine like Marisa Lynch, whose thrifting, diy-ing, and blogging is saving the world from the fugliest dresses -- and setting a fashionable example for greener living.

drunk with power

Whiskey biofuels getting tanked

Scottish scientists have been thinking a lot about drinking and driving. And what they've discovered will knock you off your feet.

snack, crackle, pop

The (incredibly loud) sound of SunChips on the Today Show — featuring Grist!

Watch the Today Show -- and me! -- break down the issue of SunChips' new and noisy biodegradable bag.

The GINK Chronicles

The myth of the glamorous mom and hidden truth about nannies

"The media fetishizes celebrity motherhood to the extent that it's practically become pornography," writes Kiri Blakeley in Forbes. This paints an outlandishly unrealistic portrait of motherhood, and adds to the pressure on all women to have kids.

Bloggers, heal thyselves

Defending lifestyle changes: who's delusional on saving energy?

Two New York Times blogs, Green and Dot Earth, are flogging a new study that chides energy-conserving Americans for succumbing to a set of "myths" prioritizing behavioral changes over efficiency upgrades. One supposed myth is that line-drying saves more energy than washing the clothes in cooler water. Huh?

The GINK Chronicles

The green message in 'Eat, Pray, Love'

Elizabeth Gilbert -- author of the bestselling "Eat, Pray, Love," now a big-budget Julia Roberts movie -- makes a strong case for going childfree.

Planet mirth

Follow the epic life cycle of this majestic creature — the plastic bag [VIDEO]

Two things close to my heart -- the epic nature documentary and the wry mockumentary -- come together in this masterful mating display chronicling the circle of life for a "disposable" plastic bag. Watch the awe-inspiring footage captured of this persistent creature.