Protest theater troupe flash-mobs British Petroleum

In response to BP's sponsorship of the Royal Shakespeare Company, activists staged a Bard-inspired protest.

Buy or die: The survivalist approach to climate doom

Stockpile your way to sustainable living! Haha, just kidding.

It is better for the environment if birds do not die prematurely

But when they do die, we can usually learn something.

Ask Umbra: Is it safe to roast turkey in a plastic bag?

A reader frets that her future mother-in-law wants to cook the poultry in plastic. Umbra advises her to keep the peas.

To the bat cave: Desperate measures in a time of ‘peak conservation’

The Nature Conservancy opened the world's first artificial cave for hibernating bats. Cool, right? Also, a little worrisome.

Susanne Torriente fights to keep ‘America‚Äôs Venice’ from slipping into the sea

Fort Lauderdale, a town known for yachts and oceanfront second homes, has some tough decisions ahead as climate change laps at its door.

Best bed-bug poison may be Merck meds for humans

A Merck drug used to treat elephantiasis may be the best bed-bug killer out there.

Umbra’s second helpings: How to make organic Twinkies [VIDEO]

Hankering for a Twinkie? The Hostess with the mostess shows you how to make your own.

Occupy’s ‘Rolling Jubilee’ is a model for cooperative purchasing power

Could Occupy Wall Street's "People's Bailout" be scaled up to bail out the environment?