Finally! Chipotle signs deal to pay tomato pickers more

The agreement brings an end to a long fight between the restaurant chain and the Coalition of Immokalee Workers.


Flagstaff sustainability chief Nicole Woodman keeps a cool head as temperatures rise

It’s one thing to paint the town green if you live in left-leaning, eco-conscious climes. It’s another story altogether if you live in Arizona.


Umbra’s second helpings: Guilt-free lunches [VIDEO]

Lunch doesn't need to be an eternal midday dilemma. Umbra serves up suggestions for tasty meals and earth-friendlier packaging.


Why won’t Obama address rising grass prices?

With the drought driving up hay prices, farmers and ranchers are increasingly reporting theft.


The Confluence Project is photographing every latitude/longitude intersection on Earth

Although volunteers have visited more than a third of the accessible confluence points, there are 10,166 out there waiting to be visited.


Ask Umbra: Does microwaving vegetables zap their nutritional value?

A reader asks if it’s bad to microwave your food. Umbra cooks up an answer that’s healthy -- and tasty too.


Campfire-scented beard cologne lets you pretend you’ve been outside

There are these sticks you can rub in your beard so you smell like you've been camping, which seems like more fun than camping, except that people with beards love camping, so why would they need this? One wonders.

Climate & Energy

America, this is how you’re using your energy

Curious about how much oil America uses versus how much it imports, or how much energy people use to stay warm? The Energy Information Administration would like to show you. Enjoy.


These are by far the coolest shoes for animal lovers we’ve ever seen

How could we not love these animal-themed shoes, featuring favorite Grist List creatures like orcas, sharks, and elephants (plus non-animal Grist List faves like coffee and butts)? Well, I suppose we could not love them because they cost between $1,000 and $2,000 …