The GINK videos

Michelle Goldberg on the globalized culture war over reproductive rights [VIDEO]

Michelle Goldberg, author of "The Means of Reproduction: Sex, Power, and the Future of the World," talks about women's rights, abortion, & population.

Your trash, his artwork

French artist turns 'garbage with talent' into beautiful lighting [PHOTOS]

Parisian craftsman and artist "Garbage" refurbishes old, seemingly mismatched objects like kitchenware, scales, toasters into fantastic lamps.

choc and awe

Droves of confused, well-meaning kids giving candy back this Halloween

This Halloween, thousands of little boys and ghouls are expected to be roaming the streets, handing candy back to houses they visit. Are they confused? Not really. It's just part of a choc-and-awe campaign designed …

Yes We Can and Pickle, Butcher, Garden and Raise Chickens

Ask Umbra’s Book Club: Are you trading in Mickey D's for DIY burgers?

Ask Umbra has some food for thought about the United States of Americana, by Kurt B. Reighley. How have your food habits changed in recent years?

a turn for the nurse

Bellingham’s biking nurse

Nurse practitioner Jody Hoppis makes house calls by bike. This is a very good thing.

air heads

Airbag bike ‘helmet’ lets you ride safely, lose the helmet hair

A pair of Swedish designers have been banging their heads against the wall to come to the aid of discriminating cyclists who want to avoid mussing their manes without cracking their heads. They've finally hit …

wearing me out

Readers refashion their wardrobe with re-usey couture [PHOTOS]

We asked Grist readers to share photos of their forays into reused fashion. Here are a few of our favorites as part of a special advertising feature brought to you by the eco-friendly people at …

Hip to be square roots

Ask Umbra’s Book Club: Share your Americana experience and win a free book!

Welcome to our book club discussion of United States of Americana -- Backyard Chickens, Burlesque Beauties and Handmade Bitters by Kurt B. Reighley. Today's topics include what you're doing to get away from your computer …

up sh*t creek with a plastic

Pooping out plastic not a painful process

Crap -- it's so versatile! It can heat your house, fertilize your garden, and power the grid. And now creative types have squeezed another use out of this universal human product -- turning it into …