She's redefining green

Janine Yorio

Art: Nat Damm Janine Yorio Founder and Managing Director, NewSeed Advisors New York City, N.Y. Janine Yorio, 33, formerly a Wall Street investor, has turned her finance savvy to the food world. Her firm, NewSeed …

Free is a magic number

Ask Umbra’s Earth Day book giveaway

Dearest readers, Happy Earth Day! How are you celebrating? Perhaps by tweeting your little heart out about all the hopeful things going on in the environmental movement (don’t forget to add #hopen)? Well, since you’re …

he's redefining green

Berlin Reed

Art: Nat DammBerlin Reed The Ethical Butcher Portland, Ore. Berlin Reed, 27, took an unlikely path through vegetarianism and even “militant” veganism before embracing his new profession whole hog — literally. He now styles himself The …

the tragically hip

Hipster habits that annoy the Earth [SLIDESHOW]

Photo courtesy davefishernc via FlickrWe don’t mean to jump on the hipster (NSFW) hating bandwagon. We know the young and the hip eat healthier and ride bikes more often than their peers and yadda yadda …

One Giant Leap for Greenkind

40 people who are redefining green

Four decades after the first Earth Day, the circle of people working toward a cleaner, greener world has expanded way beyond treehugging hippies, red-paint-throwing protesters, posturing politicos, and card-carrying members of enviro groups. To mark …

Go green this Earth Day: Quit smoking

Photo: lanier67 via FlickrWith the arrival of this year’s 40th anniversary of Earth Day, it is encouraging to see more and more people, young and old, buying into a meaningful environmental ethic in their personal …

Community Carts Remove a Barrier to Walking.

When I was growing up in Seattle in the sixties, the neighborhood grocery where my mom shopped let her and other regular customers push purchases home in the store’s shopping carts. We lived two blocks …

Celebrate good times, come on

Ask Umbra’s pearls of wisdom on Earth Day parties

Dearest readers, Oh snap, did you space on Earth Day again? (Newsflash: It’s tomorrow!) No worries, there’s still time (a little, anyway) to pull together something for your office or school—or at least get a …

Do me a solid

Power your house with poop

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man, my family sure does produce a lot of excrement; how can I cash in on this?” Well, according to DVICE, SeabEnergy’s MuckBuster might be just the ticket. “The …

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