Umbra’s second helpings: How to make organic Twinkies [VIDEO]

Hankering for a Twinkie? The Hostess with the mostess shows you how to make your own.

Occupy’s ‘Rolling Jubilee’ is a model for cooperative purchasing power

Could Occupy Wall Street's "People's Bailout" be scaled up to bail out the environment?

Expect more farm-fresh food in school cafeterias, thanks to $4.5 million from USDA

The Department of Agriculture is doling out grants to build connections between schools and nearby farmers.

Texas hits new milestone for wind power generation. Yes: Texas.

Last Saturday morning, more than a quarter of Texas's power came from wind.

Fart-eating underpants could do a lot for air pollution

Pretty soon we won't even have to bathe. We'll just walk around in our odor-absorbing clothes, giggling to ourselves that no one knows how disgusting we are.

Williams-Sonoma’s ‘Agrarian’ products take pretentious and self-satisfied to new heights

DIY the shit out of your life. Simultaneously inform all potential friends and suitors that you're annoying and probably just talk about food all the time.

This is what climate change sounds like

Artist Andrea Polli takes scientific data and spins it into music. The effect, she hopes, is more powerful than anything you’ll get from a bar chart.

California’s most productive farmland is poisoning local residents

California Central Valley farming is taking a toll on the local groundwater and the poor residents who rely on it.

World’s first 3D-printing photo booth produces a tiny model of you

Why get a boring two-dimensional photo taken, when you can print out a tiny perfect figurine for only $264?