The GINK Chronicles

A green guide to getting along for parents and the childfree

In the interests of fostering camaraderie between green-minded parents and childfree people, here are some cross-cultural communication tips.

a birdie in the hand is worth 20 in the flush

Can your toilet flush 20 golf balls? [VIDEO]

Will it blend? If you can blend golf balls (or an iPad), then the next logical question is, of course, will they flush? Take a look at this ridiculous promotional video for a water-saving toilet.

ET better find a new way to phone home

Phone book litter banned in Seattle, nation's first opt-out city

Phone book litter has been banned in Seattle. That means no more bulky yellow books in plastic bags on doorsteps, unless residents opt in.

in a pickle

My Intentional Life: Sharing is Daring

In this My Intentional Life, the gang meets to discuss whether splitting their Community Supported Agriculture share is threatening to split them up.

Simon Says ...

NPR's Scott Simon on adoption and environmentalism

NPR host Scott Simon wants to encourage people to consider adoption, yet he's suspicious of people who might do it for environmental reasons.

more than meets the IT

Are Google's self-driving cars actually signs of Transformers' imminent world domination?

The world is pumped that Google is passing mile markers on the road to creating a fully automatic automobile. But let's consider what we got the last time robot vehicles were allowed to freely roam …

The moth man cometh

Ask Umbra on ridding your home of moths and repairing the sweaters they ate

Ask Umbra answers a reader question about clothes moths. She shares how to get rid of them and repair sweaters. If you care about cardigans, read this!

work it!

10/10/10: The world gets to work [PHOTOS]

There were more than 7,000 worldwide examples of people getting to work to combat climate change for's 10/10/10 Global Work Party.

The GINK videos

Tyra Banks quizzes childfree couple [VIDEO]

Watch Tracy and Jared tell a slightly aghast Tyra Banks about their decision not to have kids.