Ikea aims to go way green by 2020

Ikea plans to get 100 percent of its power from clean sources by 2020, part of a new sustainability plan backed by a $2.4 billion investment.

Organic food may be best for kids, pediatricians say

The American Academy of Pediatrics weighed in for the first time on the conventional vs. organics debate. Their conclusion: Stuff your kids full of organic veggies.

Farmland prices continue to spike, despite drought

Agriculture land prices have been posting double-digit gains for years. Should we use the word "bubble?" Everyone else seems to be.

Central Park receives $100 million gift, largest ever to a public park

The big donation from hedge-fund manager John Paulson will increase Central Park's endowment by a third and fund park improvements.

Zappos founder digs for community in the seedy streets of Vegas

Bright lights, big urban changes, Las Vegas style, from the $350 million "Downtown Project" experiment.

Plant new trees, but keep the old

"Tree culture" contributes to the strength of our communities -- but which trees, exactly?

Jonathan Franzen defends Obama presidency on green grounds

Best-selling novelist Jonathan Franzen endorses Barack Obama, citing his environmental track record.

Could public urination be good for the environment?

An urban-planning think tank pops up for one day in San Francisco, sharing fun ideas like fruit fences and "garden urinals."

These chairs are eco-friendly but they look like crystallized barf

! great object lesson in why conscientiousness alone is not enough to change people’s habits.