pissful thinking

Rabbit chow filters sex hormones out of wastewater

Faced with a crapload of sex hormones slipping through water treatment facilities, researchers have hopped onto a possible solution for our oversexed waste solutions: rabbit chow.

Forget carbon caps, think cervical caps

What should climate hawks do next? Fight for free birth control

Climate hawks are floundering after the election. What now? They should join the fight to make insurers cover the full cost of contraception.

Code enforcement

iPhone app lets agencies crowdsource environmental monitoring

IBM rolled out Creek Watch, an iPhone app that lets the California State Water Resources Control Board crowdsource the condition of waterways.

graze the roof

Even city chickens want rooftop gardens on their coops

You can keep your mother cluckers cooped up -- while you raise the roof with raised garden beds -- with this chicken coop that doubles as a garden.

Gear down

Annie Leonard's 'Story of Electronics' tells how our gadgets are 'designed for the dump' [VIDEO]

My newfound obsession with where my tech gadgets come from just got stoked by a new video -- which I watched on a tech gadget. You should, too.

the sky's the limit

Anti-advertising billboard showcases the clean air around it

This billboard is highlighting the good job done by the Clean Air Act while also giving instant weather updates.

Let freedom ring!

Ask Umbra's Book Club announces Jonathan Franzen's 'Freedom' is next book

Ask Umbra decides to take on fiction and the Oprah Book Club in this month's Ask Umbra Book Club selection. Read about the book and find out when the conversation begins here!

Get your fix

Ask Umbra on how to repair a broken electric toothbrush and other gadgets

Ask Umbra brushes off her handy tools for fixing gadgets -- like a reader's broken Sonicare toothbrush.

Accidental raw foodist

Urbivore’s Dilemma, Weeks 20-22: Cooking strike

I’ve spent very little quality time with the fruits and vegetables from the CSA of late except in their most simple form -- raw. But should I really be trying to eat turnip greens and …