Ask Umbra: Is it greener to shop online?

A reader wonders if she can skip the trip to the big-box store and save the planet at the same time. Umbra answers unequivocally: "Yes. No. Maybe."

Infocomic: New report shows big gains for cycling and transit, if not city infrastructure

Infocomic: New report shows big gains for cycling and transit, if not city infrastructure.

We’re all guinea pigs: Film explores effects of living among untested chemicals

"The Human Experiment," narrated by Sean Penn, looks at the tens of thousands of untested chemicals that pervade our daily lives, the industry that wants to keep it that way, and the activists fighting back.

Umbra’s second helpings: Advice for an earth- and kid-friendly Halloween

Looking for a way to please the wee zombies without jacking them up on store-bought sugar? Here are a few tricks you might try.

New urban migration patterns shaped by the youngs

As the economy recovers, Americans are finally moving again -- at least the young, urban-bound population.

Future looks bright for dark skies movement

The future looks bright for a glowing -- er, growing -- global "dark skies" movement.

The gift of garbage: A first-timer tries her hand at ‘upcycling’

Grist's green-living pioneer, the Greenie Pig, dives into her own dumpster and emerges with a veritable craft fair of useful reusables.

How green is LEED anyway?

How green is LEED anyway? A new report from USA Today says, not so much.

Sugary sodas make kids wanna smash

Sugar riot! Harvard study shows a correlation between sweet sodas and violence in kids.