The Everyday Ethicurean

Savoring the last of summer with a 'Rustic Tomato and Chard Tart'

Like my colleague Tom Philpott, I believe that cooking "from scratch" doesn't have to be either intimidating or onerous. Tom is a much better cook than I am, but I won't let that stop me …

For shirts and giggles

Vote for your favorite T-shirt slogan

We asked our audience for suggestions for our new T-shirt slogan. After sifting through a deluge of responses we received via email, Twitter, Facebook, and comments on the site, we narrowed down the list as …

Eat and greet

Please welcome the adventurous locavore of 'The Perennial Plate' [VIDEO]

Long winters, ice fishing, slaughterhouses, urban gardens, and foraging for wild edibles all are ingredients for Daniel Klein's video feasts, which are set to a seriously awesome raucous soundtrack.

horticulture wars

Paint-and-seed grenade-launcher aims to bomb the blight out of America

Bomb the Blight founder Tommy Wilson is the latest to join the ranks of those pimping the pavement, and he's armed with seed bombs, paint, and an air cannon.

pissful thinking

Rabbit chow filters sex hormones out of wastewater

Faced with a crapload of sex hormones slipping through water treatment facilities, researchers have hopped onto a possible solution for our oversexed waste solutions: rabbit chow.

Forget carbon caps, think cervical caps

What should climate hawks do next? Fight for free birth control

Climate hawks are floundering after the election. What now? They should join the fight to make insurers cover the full cost of contraception.

Code enforcement

iPhone app lets agencies crowdsource environmental monitoring

IBM rolled out Creek Watch, an iPhone app that lets the California State Water Resources Control Board crowdsource the condition of waterways.

graze the roof

Even city chickens want rooftop gardens on their coops

You can keep your mother cluckers cooped up -- while you raise the roof with raised garden beds -- with this chicken coop that doubles as a garden.

Gear down

Annie Leonard's 'Story of Electronics' tells how our gadgets are 'designed for the dump' [VIDEO]

My newfound obsession with where my tech gadgets come from just got stoked by a new video -- which I watched on a tech gadget. You should, too.