zen and the art of bicycle lane maintenance

When streets tell the truth about people riding in cars (and on bikes)

It's pretty lame that cars "own" most roads in America, which is why we're such fans of spontaneous street art that aims to take them back for bikes and pedestrians. Especially when it's as clever as this.

doctor's alders

Swapping health care for people to get health care for forests

If we want carbon-sequestering forests to be the picture of health, perhaps we've been barking up the wrong tree. A nonprofit and a health insurance provider have an idea that may help keep the forest for the trees.

No Nazis in the carpool lane

Posters from the past that can guide us in the future [SLIDESHOW]

All of the things that greens talk about were a necessity 70 years ago during World War II. Where today we see websites, then they did posters.

"He deserves the win"

Prius will no longer be silent under 5 mph

The silent approach of the Prius' hybrid-electric motor is legendary. It's even managed to establish itself as the weapon of choice in modern TV duels. But some noisy news from Toyota shows that's all about to change.

mcLovin It!

American appetite for big homes is falling

Trulia released some compelling charts and graphs illustrating recent opinion research showing what might be the end of the McMansion. Even in Texas.

the dictionary in the coal mine

Climate change found to be rapidly altering … the English language

The latest words added to the Oxford Dictionary of English show our panic-button solutions to global warming are changing the linguistic climate.


My Intentional Life: Hot Flies in the Summertime

The roomies jackhammer up concrete to make way for a garden. See what happens when that freshly-tilled urban soil meets a rainy summer and feral cats.

Green you in September

Ask Umbra’s advice on sustainable campuses and school fundraisers

Umbra gives guidance counseling on how to green your keg-stand campus and raise greener money for a student organization.

The GINK videos

Is the U.S. the most overpopulated country on the planet? [VIDEO]

Does it really make a difference to global sustainability if Americans have fewer kids? Damn straight, says William Ryerson of Population Institute.