Ask Umbra: Help! I’m in a tight(s) spot

A reader wonders about eco-friendly leggings. Umbra unrolls some no-nonsense advice.


Older boomers help shift driving trends into reverse

Because driving rates peak in midlife, the aging of the baby boom generation will lead to a drop in per-capita driving.


New York’s bike-sharing program gets bumped to 2013

The mayor blames a software problem. The real issue, as with everything in New York, is the Yankees.


Umbra’s second helpings: Kiddie pools

Is there a greener alternative to vinyl kiddie pools? Umbra wades in.


Resisting the temptation: The ultimate no-processed-food challenge

According to foodie gospel, processed foods are the product of the Evil Empire. Grist’s green-living pioneer wants to see if she can live without them in even the most difficult situations.

Climate & Energy

The Ocean Health Index will let us measure how horrible we are over time

The global rating of 60 out of 100 barely scratches the surface on the depth of information contained in this new evaluation tool.


Fukushima butterflies show signs of mutation

And, worse -- mutations were seen in offspring born far from the radioactivity.


Critical buzz: Thousands of volunteers count bees to help scientists save them

On Saturday, pollination enthusiasts across the country participated in The Great Bee Count to help scientists stay on top of dwindling honeybee and native bee populations.


Ask Umbra: Can I toss these old bullets in a lake?

A readers asks about disposing of unwanted ammunition. Umbra sets her sights on a solution.