the name game

Grocery stores try setting up fake farmers markets

Farmers markets have got a good thing growing. Unfortunately, copycats have been cropping up as they try to get their paws on the green that comes with that success.

Weight, weight, don't tell me

This is why we're fat — by the numbers

Nibbling on the data nuggets found in this "Food Consumption in America" infographic delivers a real jaw-dropper, showing the literal weight of an average American's food choices in a typical year. See how Americans weigh …

A bird in secondhand is better than two in a Banana Republic

Ask Umbra on donating, buying, and swapping secondhand clothes

Not all secondhand situations are equal. Ask Umbra answers the call to dress conscientiously. Read this and dress for sustainable success!

The GINK Videos

Soap operas spread word on reproductive health and population [VIDEO]

This Brazilian show spread progressive messages about contraception and health to a mass audience, thanks to efforts by the Population Media Center.

Chewing the scenery

An 11-year-old schools us on what's wrong with the current food system [VIDEO]

In this TEDx video, 11-year-old Birke Baehr covers the risks of genetically modified foods, CAFOs, pesticides and fertilizers, and food irradiation.

bug appetit

Your meat is too big — try this worm instead

Americans have issues with meat. But maybe we wouldn't have so many problems if we started to favor the flavor of the small -- and wiggly. Would you make a meal of worms?

you wear what you eat

From the kitchen to the catwalk: clothing you can wear, then eat [SLIDESHOW]

Recently, Lady Gaga raised a ruckus with a meat dress and fashion took New York by storm. So we compiled some tasty clothing you can wear then eat.

let the greenie out of the bottle

Booze in bulk with self-serve wine dispensers

If the French don't look down their noses at the unbottled joys of bulk wine, why can't we? Waste not and wine a lot!

Alternative energy before energy-to-be-an-alternative-for

2,000 Indian villages skip fossil fuels, get first electricity from solar

The Indian state of Orissa has decided to electrify an additional 2,000 villages by March 2012 using decentralized solar power.