Forget Buy Nothing Day: Could you hack Buy Nothing Christmas?

This year the folks behind Buy Nothing Day up the ante by challenging everyone to opt out of the entire holiday shopping season. Join us -- and share your tips.

Please get my kids nothing for Christmas

This holiday season, think of the children! And please, please don’t give mine any more stuff.


Guilt-free gobble: A holiday feast the ecosystem can be thankful for

In pursuit of the greenest Thanksgiving possible, Grist's eco-pioneer, the Greenie Pig, investigates the best main-course options. (Spoiler: Conventional turkey doesn't cut it.)

Happy Wastegiving, America!

Don't throw out all that turkey. Here's a little something to remind you of horrendous and embarrassing holiday food waste.

Modern-day Robin Hoods: Stealing construction supplies from the rich to give to the Sandy-hit poor

Concerned citizens are confiscating tools and materials from luxury developments and giving them to those hurt the worst by superstorm Sandy.

Please don’t be thankful for America’s unsustainable love affair with big-box retail

Are you planning to celebrate the 50th anniversary of big retail by shopping this Friday? If so, :( .

Another benefit of tiny housing: You can lift it off the ground with balloons

Jonathan Trappe only needed 215 balloons to lift a specially-built tiny home off the ground this weekend. Try that with your McMansion.

Amazing new bike helmet reads your mind

It shows green lights when you're calm, red ones when you're stressed or distracted, and blinking ones when OH SHIT THAT TREE

Ripple effect: Conserving water is about more than just letting it mellow

Knowing that we'll be facing increasingly frequent droughts, one woman's quest to reduce her own water footprint offers insight into the impending water crisis and how we can fix it.