Farmland prices continue to spike, despite drought

Agriculture land prices have been posting double-digit gains for years. Should we use the word "bubble?" Everyone else seems to be.

Central Park receives $100 million gift, largest ever to a public park

The big donation from hedge-fund manager John Paulson will increase Central Park's endowment by a third and fund park improvements.

Zappos founder digs for community in the seedy streets of Vegas

Bright lights, big urban changes, Las Vegas style, from the $350 million "Downtown Project" experiment.

Plant new trees, but keep the old

"Tree culture" contributes to the strength of our communities -- but which trees, exactly?

Jonathan Franzen defends Obama presidency on green grounds

Best-selling novelist Jonathan Franzen endorses Barack Obama, citing his environmental track record.

Could public urination be good for the environment?

An urban-planning think tank pops up for one day in San Francisco, sharing fun ideas like fruit fences and "garden urinals."

These chairs are eco-friendly but they look like crystallized barf

! great object lesson in why conscientiousness alone is not enough to change people’s habits.

Ask Umbra: Are these sorority sisters beyond help?

A reader asks if the Greeks can be convinced to recycle. Umbra says listen up, Kappa Kappa Gamma, it’s time to get with the earth lovin’ programma.

Big brands want us to shop our way green

A Guardian columnist says we should champion big companies like McDonald's for pushing small green habits on consumers. We're not so sure.