Lights, Camera, Activism!

Ask Umbra on movies to see from the Wild & Scenic Film Festival

Wild and scenic films abounded this past weekend at Nevada City's Wild & Scenic Film Festival. Ask Umbra shares her top films.

Don't fear the fluff

Truly sustainable meat eaters choose rabbit [VIDEO]

This week, I visited Marshall Farm, one of the few (if not the only) commercial rabbit producers in Minnesota, where Scott and his family just finished their first year of raising bunnies. Care for a …

Size Matters

Smaller SUVs are safer than bigger ones, but walkability trumps all

If you want to be safe, buying a big SUV won't do it. But living in a place where you don't have to drive so much is a sure bet.

turn off, tune out, drop off

Artificial lighting: even worse for your health than it is for the environment

Just in case you need another reason to turn out the lights: It turns out they mess with your head. A new study has found that spending your evenings in a lit room delays and …


How to date a vegan

Vegans are an elusive breed known for their hotness and dexterity with soy. Want to get frisky with one? Here's how, in Grist's TreeShagger column.

For when you karo too much

In honor of MLK, Jr. Day, my great-grandmother’s pecan pie recipe

In which I make peace with regular old corn syrup, and you should, too.

A1 fake sauce

Ask Umbra on the sustainability and safety of fake meat products

Is trading hot dogs for not dogs better for your health? Is swapping chicken wings for chik’n wings better for the planet? Ask Umbra investigates. Read this if you like meat or are meatless!

Soymilkin' it

How truly delicious tofu gets made [VIDEO]

Tofu master Minh Tsai of Hodo Soy Beanery in Oakland, Calif. explains how he makes artisanal, organic tofu that even Asians would enjoy eating, in this video by 'Food. Curated.'

Tom’s kitchen

Short-rib tacos for the occasional meat eater

I'm just back from Mexico -- and here is my tribute to the cooking of that country's great food markets.