park your asphalt on the grass

PARK(ing) Day 2010 liberates parking spots for human use [SLIDESHOW]

Today is PARK(ing) Day. In some 140 cities around the planet, humans are taking back some space from cars, using parking spots as mini parks where they play games, do art projects, or just sit …


Georgia farmer sued for growing too many vegetables

Local government has caught an organic hobby farmer tomato-red-handed growing a downright offensive number of vegetable plants on his property outside of Atlanta. What's an "acceptable" number of vegetables anyway?

Talk it out

Chatting on your cell phone till the battery is charged

You know those people who are always gabbing on their cell phones? Yes, they're pretty irksome, even hazardous, but what if their gift of gab were actually a small gift toward a fossil-fuel-free future?

smarty skirts

Why American women accept climate change science more than men

A study says more women than men tend to believe the scientific consensus that global warming is indeed happening and mostly caused by human activity.

That big shelf in the sky?

Where do library books go when they die?

A creative way to recycle books that are ready to checkout for good.

billions and billions interred

Death by McDonald's [VIDEO]

A group of U.S. doctors has a morbid new ad aimed at taking a bite out of Americans' fatal attraction to fast food. Watch the short ad.

coming to your consensus

My Intentional Life: House Meetings Rule?

The My Intentional Life crew's whole building gathers for a monthly meeting to discuss chicken coops, beehives, and other creature comforts.

Greening the mommy wars

Is it greener to be a homemaker than to have a job outside the home?

A letter writer argues that it's better for the planet if one partner in a household stays out of the workforce. But that's quite a stretch.

a fashion steak-ment

Lady Gaga’s VMA meat dress ‘no disrespect’ to vegans and vegetarians

Lady Gaga took home Video of the Year at the 2010 Video Music Awards, but she could have also grabbed the title of "Best Dressed" when she strutted out with her hams dressed in meat. …