How green is LEED anyway?

How green is LEED anyway? A new report from USA Today says, not so much.

Sugary sodas make kids wanna smash

Sugar riot! Harvard study shows a correlation between sweet sodas and violence in kids.

Fertilizer companies and climate change are killing the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea has gone dry in the past. It may be on its way to doing so again.

Heritage seed icons bring back pioneer chic

Emilee and Jere Gettle run the largest mail-order heritage seed business in the U.S. -- and have neo-Amish wardrobes straight out of an old Sears catalog.

Solar power saves school music program

Solar power has resuscitated a central California school music program.

Cities need to get dense to survive, says Alex Steffen

Anti-urbanists argue that density is pushing low-income people out of cities. Alex Steffen schools them in the basics of supply and demand.

Ikea aims to go way green by 2020

Ikea plans to get 100 percent of its power from clean sources by 2020, part of a new sustainability plan backed by a $2.4 billion investment.

Organic food may be best for kids, pediatricians say

The American Academy of Pediatrics weighed in for the first time on the conventional vs. organics debate. Their conclusion: Stuff your kids full of organic veggies.

Farmland prices continue to spike, despite drought

Agriculture land prices have been posting double-digit gains for years. Should we use the word "bubble?" Everyone else seems to be.