To the bat cave: Desperate measures in a time of ‘peak conservation’

The Nature Conservancy opened the world's first artificial cave for hibernating bats. Cool, right? Also, a little worrisome.

Susanne Torriente fights to keep ‘America’s Venice’ from slipping into the sea

Fort Lauderdale, a town known for yachts and oceanfront second homes, has some tough decisions ahead as climate change laps at its door.

Best bed-bug poison may be Merck meds for humans

A Merck drug used to treat elephantiasis may be the best bed-bug killer out there.

Umbra’s second helpings: How to make organic Twinkies [VIDEO]

Hankering for a Twinkie? The Hostess with the mostess shows you how to make your own.

Occupy’s ‘Rolling Jubilee’ is a model for cooperative purchasing power

Could Occupy Wall Street's "People's Bailout" be scaled up to bail out the environment?

Expect more farm-fresh food in school cafeterias, thanks to $4.5 million from USDA

The Department of Agriculture is doling out grants to build connections between schools and nearby farmers.

Texas hits new milestone for wind power generation. Yes: Texas.

Last Saturday morning, more than a quarter of Texas's power came from wind.

Fart-eating underpants could do a lot for air pollution

Pretty soon we won't even have to bathe. We'll just walk around in our odor-absorbing clothes, giggling to ourselves that no one knows how disgusting we are.

Williams-Sonoma’s ‘Agrarian’ products take pretentious and self-satisfied to new heights

DIY the shit out of your life. Simultaneously inform all potential friends and suitors that you're annoying and probably just talk about food all the time.