too cool to get warm

Bored with winter energy-saving tips? We've got some tips for you

Tips for saving energy and money on home heating using passive heating, wood stoves, and innovative architecture.

Radio daze

I talk population and 7 billion on Green Patriot Radio

This week I got the chance to talk about my recent post "2011: The year we’ll hit 7 billion" on Green Patriot Radio with host David Steinman.


Join a sewing club to save clothes from the landfill

Hit up a sewing club to stitch, socialize, and mend your tattered duds. It's for the earth!

Dough é me

Making bread with Rustica Bakery — then bread pudding [VIDEO]

When it comes to choosing subject matter for my show, my reasoning varies: Sometimes I think about what the audience might want to see; oftentimes it has to do with what's in season. This week …

Urban family values

Living in a small space can sometimes cramp your green style

Living in a small home without a car limits the amount we consume and pollute. But green living can sometimes get in the way of -- well, green living.

Not-So-Smart Phones?

Ask Umbra: Are cell phones safe to use?

A cell phone user writes in to ask about the potential health impacts of using the device. This is no LOL’ing matter! Umbra makes a call on ways to use your mobile phone more safely. …

The GINK Videos

Teens say: Please give us decent sex ed! [VIDEO]

Why is the teen birthrate in the U.S. so high? Sex ed in many schools sucks. Some teens got so fed up that they made a film about the need for real sex education.


Björk protests energy deal with karaoke marathon [VIDEO]

Bj?rk is staging a three-day karaoke marathon -- but not for fun, y'all. It's a protest against a sell-off of Iceland's natural resources. (Oh snarf!)


Old Christmas trees get new life as fish habitats

Ugly tree, beautiful snack. Top that, Charlie Brown.