Oy milk!

Ask Umbra on the impacts of and alternatives to milk

If you think milk comes from a benevolent dairy fairy, you’re in for a surprise. Umbra answers a question about dairy cows and milk options that are friendlier to animals, the environment, and your health.


Walk Score team unveils Transit Score and two more apps

First there was Walk Score, the web tool that calculates how walkable a neighborhood is and ranks it on a 100-point scale. Today the same developers release Transit Score, an app that ranks how well-served a location is by buses and rail lines.

Endless Summer?

Is it the natural abundance of vitamin D, or the energy boost of eating fresh foods, or those things we call vacations that remind us …

The GINK videos

Population contrarian Fred Pearce on 'The Daily Show' [VIDEO]

Environmental journalist Fred Pearce has pissed off many by arguing that we don?t need to worry about population. Watch him chat with Jon Stewart.

Friday flashback

Cars that run on crap, and 9 more green stories to amaze your friends

128-degree weather. Climate denying iPhones. Hair on snakes (just kidding). Don't miss this week's true tales of green.

Urban decay

Composting 101 for citydwellers

If you're going to all the trouble to eat locally grown, organic vegetables, it's a shame to truck their remains away to landfill prison when you could be feeding them back to the earth. So why aren't you composting yet?

Wooded Bliss

Marriage requirement #1: Regrow the rainforest

Some couples get happily engaged in environmental issues by ditching wasteful wedding favors, recycling 400,000 cans to pay for their nuptials, or growing all the food for their reception. But that's all optional. Indonesia is requiring that newlyweds go out on a limb.

riding your twicycle

The smart bike that pedals and twitters across America

Humans think they've got the market cornered on electronic communication, but a twittle bird told us that's no longer the case. See what we mean.

Tom’s kitchen

An anti-corn elitist’s pro-corn pasta

This very week, the sweet-corn patch on Maverick Farms came ripe. Harvesting and processing it took half a dozen people nearly all day. Here's what I fed them for lunch.