Hug it out

Nissan’s smug (?), cute (?), ironic (?) polar bear Leaf ad

A Nissan ad shows a polar bear lumbering down from the Arctic to embrace a commuter in a hug -- a thank-you for driving the fully electric Leaf sedan.

Night Light

Balancing commemoration and conservation on Sept. 11

Much was illuminated on September 11, as two beams of light glowed in New York to memorialize those lost nine years ago.

I'd rather have sour grapes

Ask Umbra on avoiding crude oil in vinegar

Ask Umbra uncaps the nuances of vinegar here in this white vinegar primer. Don't mix crude oil with your vinegar!

The GINK videos

Our planet’s population in miniature [VIDEO]

It sometimes gets lost in discussions of population that some of us have a lot more (and a lot more of an environmental impact) than others.

hoe your own row

War of the worlds: FarmVille vs. real farms

Why are people flocking to tend virtual sheep on Facebook when so many real farmers are virtually barely scraping by? See how the two measure up when planted side-by-side in this telling infographic.

Rotting is such sweet sorrow

Urbivore’s Dilemma, Weeks 13 &14: Being away from my CSA box

Forced to eat cafeteria food for six days straight, the Urbivore has a new dilemma -- being homesick for her local-veggie box. Can such fresh food spoil you? And why does it spoil so fast, …


If BP had a carnival ride …

It might look something like this.

bike like an egyptian

Hundreds of bikes re-cycled into modern-day obelisk

The ancient Egyptians erected obelisks out of hundreds of pounds of stone. Modern Americans erect obelisks out of hundreds of bicycles. Check out whether they're compensating for something.

Fair-weather foodies

Do you have the balls to really change the food system?

You like nose-to-tail dinners and street-food festivals. Your bananas and coffee are Fair Trade, but everything else is Far From It. Sound familiar? A farmer and real-food activist lays out what you can do if …