California’s most productive farmland is poisoning local residents

California Central Valley farming is taking a toll on the local groundwater and the poor residents who rely on it.

World’s first 3D-printing photo booth produces a tiny model of you

Why get a boring two-dimensional photo taken, when you can print out a tiny perfect figurine for only $264?

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A reader wonders if he did the wrong thing by replacing his old windows. Umbra takes the broad view of the situation.

Walk the walk: Take the Two-Mile (no-car) Challenge

Grist's green-living pioneer, the Greenie Pig, decided to ditch her car for short trips for a month. Easier said than done when it's raining out and you're carrying a pizza.

Ticks are turning victims into vegetarians

People in southern and central parts of the U.S. are developing mammal meat allergies after getting bitten by the lone star tick.

The Colbert Report

Stephen Colbert on ‘wind turbine syndrome’

Colbert takes on the health effects of wind turbines ... including herpes.

Building climate resilience through smarter cities and tighter communities

To cope with climate change and the disasters it brings, we need not just better infrastructure but stronger community ties.

Will baby boomers just keep on driving?

Boomers drove America's love affair with the automobile. Now that they're aging, will they cut out the driving, or just shift to different cars?

A green Salt Lake City? Thank the Mormon pioneers, says Sustainability Director Vicki Bennett

A forward-thinking mayor and progressive community help the cause, too.