More Americans are biking to work — but not enough of them are women

More than 770,000 Americans now bike to work, new Census data shows -- but women still make up a small minority of the bike commuters.

Court kicks anti-phone-book laws to the curb where you’re totally going to stub your toe on them

A federal court tosses Seattle's anti-phone-book ordinance in the recycling bin, citing the First Amendment. That's bad news for San Francisco too.

A tropical disease takes hold in a warming Alaska

Scientists found that 7.2 percent of Alaskan birds they tested were infected with avian malaria.

San Francisco artist mends clothes and builds community — just by giving a darn

Artist Michael Swaine fixes clothes for free on San Francisco streets. But he envisions going beyond fighting throwaway culture to start helping others build community.

Ask Umbra: What’s in a label?

Who decides what's "natural" and what's "eco-friendly"? Umbra peels back the latest on the labeling debate.

Sustainability doesn’t happen overnight, says Santa Monica’s Shannon Parry

Santa Monica couldn't have gotten so green without an engaged community, says its assistant director of sustainability. Solar-powered ferris wheels don't hurt, either.

Umbra’s second helpings: Eco-themed Halloween costumes

Is it possible to have an enviro-themed costume that's not totally lame? Umbra scares up some suggestions.

Nigerians take their case against Shell Oil to a Dutch court

Four men from small villages in the Niger Delta hope to hold Shell accountable for a series of pipeline leaks.

Amtrak ridership up as icy hand of budgetary death stays its touch yet again

More Americans than ever are riding Amtrak, a 49 percent increase over 2000.