The Grist List: From Koala to Cap

Lingerie model nudie by nature, and more

Nudie by natureLingerie model Miranda Kerr says she “decided to go au naturel to raise awareness of the environment, specifically koalas.” Well, we’re not sure what her Aussie Stone cover is doing for the koalas, but it’s sure raising a whole lot of something.   (Click below to see the next item in this week’s Grist List—or view them all on a single page.)          

Same Batshit Channel

The digital TV conversion is here — are you e-ready?

We interrupt your life to bring you this reminder: By June 12, all television signals in the U.S. will be digital. Seriously. So here’s an e-guide to ease your mind. Wait, WTF is happening again? The signals from all TV stations, which were analog for decades, will now be digital. This transition actually began in 1996, when Congress gave each station an extra channel for digital transmission. There are three official reasons for the full transition: first and foremost, it frees up analog airspace for public-safety purposes; second, it frees up some space for wireless companies; and third, it will …

Goode Will

George Will hates greens, cartoons … and shopping

Shrewdly waiting until the buzz died down, George Will weighed in today on Mike Judge’s The Goode Family. His verdict: It sorta sucks, but thank god someone’s taking environmentalists down a peg. Let’s take a look at my paragraph-by-paragraph CliffsNotes version of his column: Too many people are asking “us” to save the planet. The media is in on it. The “incessant hectoring” of the “media-political complex” inspired Judge’s show. Drat, it’s too bad cartoons are an effective medium. But it’s great that this cartoon is helping to burst the green bubble. Summary of show and characters. The New York …

Bonnaroo's Green Footprint

An interview with cellist Ben Sollee, who will bike to Bonnaroo

Nestled into a lush farm in Manchester, Tennessee, the blockbuster Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival will roll out an impressive set of sustainability green goals as a backdrop for its amazing slate of shows next weekend, June 11-14. The great lineup notwithstanding—from Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band to Wilco—acclaimed cellist and crooner Ben Sollee may stand out as a singular act in reducing the festival’s carbon footprint. Selected as an NPR Top Ten new artist to watch, Sollee’s unique work has been hailed as a blend of Al Green’s soulful pipes with Yo Yo Ma’s original string compositions. …

Treacherous waters

A new tool for navigating around overfishing and mercury taint

Chart by Neil Banas. Here’s a PDF version.   Not long ago, I arrived at a fishmonger (Carrboro, N.C.’s Tom’s Seafood) just before closing time looking for a main course — preferably one that didn’t wouldn’t contribute to stripping the oceans bare or addle my tired brain with lashings of mercury (courtesy of coal-fired power plants). The workers were breaking down the counter and trying to get out of there — but indicated they’d be happy to serve me. “What’s fresh and from around the North Carolina coast?” I asked the woman behind the counter. She didn’t hesitate. “This tilefish …

Bra Va

Ask Umbra on eco-undies

Q. Dear Umbra, I’ve converted myself to clothing made in the USA, hemp, organic cotton, etc. The issue I am struggling with is the panties and bras. I am a 34D, and I need a decent amount of support. Even sports bras do me no justice (I usually wear my regular bra under them when I mountain bike or hike). Are there any good alternatives for bras and undies? Any advice would be helpful. Coree A. Dearest Coree, Underwear and socks are sticking points in the overall attempt to make a greener wardrobe. Buying other people’s discarded bras and underpants …

Come Fry With Me

A sizzling test of seven eco-sunscreen brands

Ah, summer. It’s here at last! Before you rush out to revel in the rays, you’ll (of course) slather on some sun protection. Since you know the problems with conventional sunscreens — which range from coral bleaching to hormone disruption — you’ll choose a brand that’s better for your body and the planet. But which ones really work? The living? Yeah, it’s easy. Over the last several weeks, Grist staffers scooped up several of the readily available eco-brands — four sunscreens, which protect by absorbing ultraviolet rays, and five sunblocks, which provide a physical barrier on your skin — and …

Not so bright

Why you shouldn’t recycle that bright-orange paper

One of the thorniest questions I used to get as a recycling educator for the awesome grassroots recycling company EcoCycle in Boulder, Colo., was why ‘astrobright’ papers weren’t recyclable. You know this stuff: the super-dyed paper used by everyone from bands to Girl Scouts to make posters announcing their bake sales and death-metal guitar battles. It’s often bright orange, but also comes in every other shade imaginable. The dye used to make these papers is so bright that it has the effect of washing your white clothes with one dark blue T shirt and are hence called ‘beater dyes’ — …

Must-see TV on ABC tonight — “Earth 2100: Is this the Final Century of our Civilization?

Tonight at 9 pm on ABC, “Bob Woodruff explores what might be the worst case scenario for civilization.” Hurray for the mainstream media exploring the worst-case scenario aka Hell and High Water! I am very interested in your thoughts on this show — before and after. One of the most commented on posts of this year was “How likely is it that Global Warming will destroy human civilization within the next century?” You can see video excerpts and viewer submissions on what looks to be an excellent website: Experts say over the next hundred years the “perfect storm” of population …

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