Jonathan Franzen defends Obama presidency on green grounds

Best-selling novelist Jonathan Franzen endorses Barack Obama, citing his environmental track record.

Could public urination be good for the environment?

An urban-planning think tank pops up for one day in San Francisco, sharing fun ideas like fruit fences and "garden urinals."

These chairs are eco-friendly but they look like crystallized barf

! great object lesson in why conscientiousness alone is not enough to change people’s habits.

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Big brands want us to shop our way green

A Guardian columnist says we should champion big companies like McDonald's for pushing small green habits on consumers. We're not so sure.

Can you green a ghost town? Lauren Riga of Gary, Ind., is going to try

Gary, Indiana: It’s not all Music Man. The sustainability chief tells us what it’s like doing environmental work in a shuttered, post-apocalyptic town.

The Ukrainian Navy teaches dolphins how to kill people

The Ukrainian Navy is supposedly training dolphins to kill people. This is not the first time dolphins have been used in military strategy, but it is probably the most violent task that's been asked of them. Now that's what we …

This laundry soap won’t mess with your man parts

We blew it. We gave you detergent recipes that might bake your love spuds. Here’s one that (we sincerely hope) will not.

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