Grist dared me to make a change

Va-va-vintage: Country club kitsch

I skipped the last pair of mom jeans today for a preppy sweater and a linen skirt. Did someone just call me Muffy?

Grist dared me to make a change

25 days of dares: Forkprints and fracking

It's the last week of Umbra's 25 days of dares. She dares to green her take-out and high-five a bus driver.


Good lord, American homes are huge

This infographic from the BBC shows how much newly built North American, and especially U.S., homes dwarf those currently being built in Europe. The average new U.S. home is more than twice as big as …

Green Living Tips

Chill your beer without using any electricity

A one that is not cold is scarcely a one at all, but keeping beer frosty on a hot day normally sucks up energy. Not anymore. This ancient innovation uses clay pots, sand, and water …

Grist dared me to make a change

Va-va-vintage: My mom — style maven or hoarder?

The finds from my mom's closet have been so successful that some people think I didn't even have to dig to find them. Oh, I dug. Believe me. I dug.

Green Living Tips

British kids build greenhouse out of plastic bottles

What do you do with the empty plastic bottles that you really shouldn't have been drinking out of, anyway? These British school children spent a year and half collecting 1,500 of them and used the …


Introducing the world's first compostable bikini

Women hate swimsuit shopping, am I right? And we all know why: Because swimsuits do not disintegrate when buried underground for 180 days. Luckily, designer Linda Loudermilk has come out with the world's first line …

Sustainable Food

From nose-to-tail to stem-to-root, tasty ways to reduce food waste now

Worldwide, we waste about one-third of all the food we produce. Help buck the trend by eating more parts of your fruits, veggies, and animals.

Grist dared me to make a change

Va-va-vintage: Running in Suzanne Somers shorts

Remember those really short shorts from the 70s? That's what I wore for running today. I guess I better get comfortable with showing some leg, and fast.