Heart of glass: Has nature healed a California beach, or does that just make us feel better about our trash?

On the Northern California coastline, the ocean is swallowing up a former garbage dump -- a sign of Mother Nature’s power, sure, and a reminder of our wasteful ways.

Mice are killing people in California, scaring away subway riders in Britain

The spread of hantavirus among mice appears to be an unpleasant side effect of climate change.

Keeping it in the family: BPA’s effects might last in our bodies for generations

Scientists who exposed mice to BPA at low-level, consistent doses found that it caused genetic and behavioral changes that persisted for generations.

Ask Umbra: My dog’s pee pads are breaking my heart

A reader wants to find a sustainable alternative to her dog's disposable pee pads. Umbra sniffs around for an answer.

Prescription for healthier humans: More time at the park

The average boy partakes in two minutes of “vigorous activity” each day. The average girl, just one minute. The solution is right down the street.

Umbra’s second helpings: Speedy showers [VIDEO]

We're rinsing off an Ask Umbra classic about power showers.

Disney’s pollution of America may also be literal

The EPA suspects that Disney Studios may have introduced carcinogenic chromium 6 into the regional water supply.

Is your cup compostable — or biodegradable? And why does it matter again?

As more cities adopt municipal composting programs, the range of to-go ware made from bioplastics is expanding. Here's what you need to know about what's real, what's greenwashing, and why it matters.

Save the median strip! Or, how to annoy E.O. Wilson

Emma Marris, author of "Rambunctious Garden," challenged noted conservationist E.O. Wilson by arguing that we should learn to value all types of nature -- human-altered places as well as pristine landscapes.