Here's what we can do with all the tires after the carpocalypse

In the post-peak-oil, post-automotive world, we'll have to do something while we're huddled around our campfires in Bartertown. And we'll need to do something with the parts of our now-useless vehicles. Sure, we'll have to build shelters with the metal …

Green Home

Swimming pools don’t have to be insults to the planet

Swimming pools — so awesome and fun, but so not actually good for the environment in any way. But KB Custom Pools, a pool company in Texas, has a sorta-kinda-more-like-a-real-body-of-water alternative. Their Eco-Smart pools match the topography of your backyard, …


World population could just keep on expanding, says expert

"Leading demographers, including those at the United Nations and the U.S. Census Bureau, are projecting that world population will peak at 9.5 billion to 10 billion later this century and then gradually decline as poorer countries develop. But what if …


Can smartphones serve as birth control? [VIDEO]

This amusing Indian ad suggests that smartphones can bring down birthrates. If you're having 3G fun, why bother with old-fashioned amorous pursuits?


Got trash? Put a kitten in it.

The Etsy shop Atomic Attic makes upcycled pet beds and feeding trays out of old suitcases and vintage electronics, thus making use of a cat's natural tendency to sit on any damn thing you happen to have lying around. My …

Climate & Energy

Critical List: Coal companies lavish cash on Boehner; how to stick it to hungry deer

Boehner's got his hands all sooty with coal money. Uh, guys? Maybe we should check up on the safety of  nuclear plants? Kthx. XOXO, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. California chose solar PV projects over solar thermal projects because the latter use more water.  


Drool-worthy homes from this year's Solar Decathlon, part 1 [VIDEO]

For those of you who won't have the opportunity to see these homes in person on the National Mall in Washington, DC from Sept. 23-Oct. 2, we've decided to gather up all the video walk-throughs of this year's entries in …

Green Home

The largest outdoor green wall in North America

Why just have a green roof when you can have a green wall? This 3,000-square-foot wall, which fronts a public library in a suburb of Vancouver, Canada, was installed by green wall company Green Over Grey. It consists of over …


Rick Perry stumbles and mumbles as he tries to defend abstinence education [VIDEO]

"Abstinence works." That's Rick Perry's response to a question about why Texas is sticking with abstinence-only education despite its high teen pregnancy rate.