Friday music festival blogging: green and groovy at Pickathon

I spent last weekend at Pickathon, a music festival in Happy Valley, Ore. From the reusable bamboo dishes to the smokin' music, it was heaven.


Are these eco-friendly sandals worth $18,000?

Chipkos, a company that produces eco-friendly footwear, has partnered with artist David Palmer to produce the world's most expensive pair of flip-flops. They cost $18,000, but hey, at least they're really ugly!

Green Living Tips

Meet the new water toxins, same as the old water toxins

Assuming it doesn't get cockblocked by industry or shut down by Michele Bachmann, the EPA is going to start regulating some gross stuff that hangs out in your water -- not because these are new toxins, but because they're finally …


Trade your house for a pet dinosaur

T-rex courtesy of Ryan North Here's what the new post-crash barter economy looks like: People are trading housing for dinosaur services. From Vancouver Craigslist: Do you own more than one property? Do you have so many rental homes with no mortgage …

Sustainable Food

Is your cheese killing the planet?

Cheese can take a heavy toll on the climate, according to a report from the Environmental Working Group. Get hints for eco-friendly cheese consumption.

Climate & Energy

Critical List: Wind turbines get bigger and better; tree-killing fungi are thriving

Wind turbines are becoming bigger, more efficient, and more powerful. Drilling in the Arctic is not such a hot idea, as any spill will be tricky to clean up. The Southeast is the only region in the country that hasn’t …

Green Living Tips

Holy sheet! Ask Umbra on printers

Inkjet? Laser? What’s an eco-conscious person to use when hard copy is a necessity? Ask Umbra spells it out for you.


Environmentalists need to care about abortion [VIDEO]

You can't have a sustainable society if women are having children they don't want. This video from the Guttmacher Institute looks at who's having abortions in America.

Green Home

Barbie Dream House has solar panels, low-flow toilets, four stories, giraffe

The American Institute of Architects has picked a winning design in its Barbie Dream House contest, and it's green as well as pink. The four-story edifice, presumably built with input from Architect Barbie, features solar panels, low-flow toilets, EnergyStar appliances, …