$50 solar-powered water purifier is so green it’s like a joke

This invention is like a parody of a green technology: It’s solar-powered, it reduces pollution, and it provides clean water. All at once!! But we have to admit, it looks pretty useful and is actually rather attractive. TreeHugger reports: The …

RIP, Larry Gibson: Longtime mountaintop-removal activist dies on mountain he loved

The West Virginia native died Sunday, after decades spent fighting the good fight.

Ask Umbra: Should I toss this teddy bear?

A reader says his house is stuffed to the roof with cuddly toys. Umbra offers some comforting advice.

Here are all of the various animals that climate change has empowered to kill you

Let me set the scene for you. There you are, Joe America or Jane Patriot, minding your business on one of the last weekends of summer. Walking along through one of America’s Majestic National Parks,™ you see an adorable animal …

Umbra’s second helpings: Green Jell-O shots [VIDEO]

A reader wonders whether to put her jigglers in paper or plastic cups. Umbra serves up a whole trayful of ways you can make your shots more earth-friendly.

Red cup

‘I, Party Cup’: Help Grist make a crazy documentary

Who made the red party cup such a ubiquitous part of our disposable world -- and why'd they do it? Grist needs your help to fund this crazy documentary.

One more way your plane flights are killing everybody

Remember when cars used to give off disgusting clouds of lead-laden smoke? Planes still do that. Some of them do, at least — in particular, those nasty little planes that rich people fly because car traffic is for suckers. According …

Ask Umbra: Why do bike tires suck?

A reader asks why he’s always pumping up his bike tires. Umbra’s answer is absolutely airtight.

Urban naturalist: Molly Steinwald challenges city kids to find the wilderness in a sidewalk crack

City kids are often taught that nature is “out there,” beyond the city limits, but this biologist/photographer/educator says “everyday nature” has the power to transform.