Wednesday music blogging: Blake Shelton

New country tune ‘Green’ boasts, ‘I was green before green was a thing’

Listen Play "Green," by Blake Shelton Blake Shelton is a popular country artist and the husband of another popular country artist, Miranda Lambert. This is the first song off his new album Startin’ Fires. It’s called "Green," and contains the immortal couplet, "I know a lot more about cane-pole fishin’ / than I ever will about carbon emissions." Lyrics below the fold. People used to call me backwards livin’ out here with the tractors lettin’ this world leave me behind Nowadays I’m an innovator a country boy prognosticator man, a man ahead of my time [Chorus] I got a hundred-acre …

The Great White Way goes green

Photo: goatopolis Broadway went green on Tuesday with the official announcement of the creatively named Broadway Goes Green effort. Think neon signs lit with energy-efficient bulbs, costumes washed with eco-friendly detergent, and programs printed with water-soluble ink. Oh, the drama!

Giving thanks ... for links

Some leftovers to browse before T-Giving

I’ve got about 40 tabs open in my browser, and that’s no way to go into a holiday weekend. Time for an old-fashioned link-fest! —– I never managed to say anything about it, but novelist Ian McEwan had a delightfully literary and readable essay on Obama and climate change in The Guardian. Definitely worth reading. The Wall Street Journal has a special package on Obama’s green challenge, with a focus on reducing demand in light of falling oil prices. With video! I know Gristians got no love for biofuels, even the cellulosic variety, but this story describes some very cool …

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