Energy-saving LED light bulbs fuel this insane light display

Okay, it's no Dancing Dror, but this is a pretty amazing Halloween light display done primarily with LED bulbs. Switching to LEDs can cut your holiday lighting energy expenditure by 90 percent, according to DOE (though they're just talking about a …

7 Billion: What to expect when you’re expanding—a special series

Stop the ‘man swarm,’ save the wild world

Let’s leave some room for everybody else. Photo: Robin PittmanMore of our kind means fewer wild things. A stabilized human population means hope for wild things. A shrinking human population means a better world for wild things — and for …

7 Billion: What to expect when you’re expanding—a special series

7 billion, unpacked — a comic

The world population is hitting 7 billion. But what does that really mean? In this comic, we unpack some of the numbers and nuances. Click the image below to view the comic, and then click on each page to go …

Climate & Energy

Tile your roof with solar shingles

If you want to generate some solar energy but don't want to have weird-looking solar panels on your roof, Dow Solar has a solution for you. The company has achieved solar shingularity: Its roof shingles are solar panels! The solar …


Too lazy to go green? Hire an eco-concierge

Have you ever been sitting around the Drones Club, throwing rolls around, and thought to yourself, "gosh, going green is very hot right now, but it sounds hard! I wish I could use my gobs of money to pay someone …

Climate & Energy

Critical List: Earthquake strikes Turkey; ‘Environmental concierge’ exists

More than 200 people died in a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Turkey. California finished its cap-and-trade plan with minimal drama. Here's how they did it. If you are rich and worried about your environmental footprint, you can hire a whole other human being to screw …

Green Living Tips

Ask Umbra: Should I wash out my zip-lock bags?

Don't lose sleep over plastics and food. Instead of worrying about how to handle your baggies and bins, purge plastic from your kitchen.

7 Billion: What to expect when you’re expanding—a special series

Who you gonna call? GrowthBusters! [VIDEO]

The new documentary "GrowthBusters: Hooked on Growth" explores why our economy and footprint and population can't keep on expanding forever.


Jon Bon Jovi opens pay-what-you-can ‘soul kitchen’

Does anyone else remember those Ben Stiller Show sketches where Bruce Springsteen would, like, deliver a baby? Jon Bon Jovi is basically that, but for real. He's opening a community kitchen in New Jersey where patrons pay what they can …