She shoots, she scores

Seattle Storm WNBA team shoots 3’s for trees

Photo: otakuchick via FlickrEvery three-point shot made by a Seattle Storm player this season will be a slam dunk for a local forest. Through a partnership with Carter Subaru, a local car dealership that promises …

food for thought

Not much convenience in “convenience foods”

Among all the responses to the new data showing we’re getting sicker and fatter, I was most struck by Kerry Trueman’s comment at Civil Eats that what we are really suffering from is “kitchen illiteracy.” …


Mountaintop removal defenders disrupt July 4th music festival in West Virginia

The Mountain Keepers Music Festival took place this place this July 4th weekend at a park on Kayford Mountain in West Virginia, an event organized by the Keeper of the Mountains Foundation in solidarity against …

Picked a peck of pickled Twitters

Top Twitterers the Grist staff can’t live without

Sure, we could compile a list of the “Top 1,000 Greens to Follow on Twitter” — because there are at least that many worthy of the title. But is it just us, or are you …

The Last Step

Ask Umbra on green moving companies

Send your question to Umbra! Q. Dear Umbra, Hi. I love your column. I just wanted to see if you were aware of the company Mean Green Trucking and Transport … We run our fleet …

App-ily ever after

Grist’s guide to green iPhone apps

Wondering what brand of toothpaste is the most eco-friendly? There’s an app for that. Need to know which species of fish on the menu were caught sustainably? There’s an app for that. Long to plant …

Coal Country film premiere

Big Coal does not want you to see this film

As a groundbreaking clean energy counterpart to this summer’s extraordinary Food, Inc. documentary on the agribusiness, the long-awaited “Coal Country” film on the cradle-to-grave process of generating our coal-fired electricity will be hitting the theaters …

It Could Be Verse

Climate-news poem: Breath-catching edition

They’re not just poems, they’re vaguely educational poems! Check ‘em out. After the fence-jump frenzy, this week is sweet relief.Bill passed! And all react to that with gasps of disbelief. Just breathe.Yet as it was …

Contain Your Excitement

Ask Umbra on moving boxes

Send your question to Umbra! Q. Dear Umbra, I will be moving soon, and a friend suggested buying cheap but durable plastic storage bins with lids as an alternative to traditional moving boxes (or whatever …

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