Green Living Tips

Holy sheet! Ask Umbra on printers

Inkjet? Laser? What’s an eco-conscious person to use when hard copy is a necessity? Ask Umbra spells it out for you.


Environmentalists need to care about abortion [VIDEO]

You can't have a sustainable society if women are having children they don't want. This video from the Guttmacher Institute looks at who's having abortions in America.

Green Home

Barbie Dream House has solar panels, low-flow toilets, four stories, giraffe

The American Institute of Architects has picked a winning design in its Barbie Dream House contest, and it's green as well as pink. The four-story edifice, presumably built with input from Architect Barbie, features solar panels, low-flow toilets, EnergyStar appliances, …


When collaborative consumption goes bad

Sharing networks are all the rage, but sometimes things go awry, as in the recent case of a woman who rented out her apartment via Airbnb and returned to find it trashed.

Grist dared me to make a change

Green party: Driving dunces

I figured out a way to handle the guests who insisted on driving to my green party. Let's just say they'll take public transportation next time.


How to get into urban beekeeping

This video on rooftop beekeeping in Brooklyn features Tim O'Neal, who blogs at Borough Bees and sometimes teaches Beekeeping 101. If you've been curious about putting together an urban apiary, this will give you an overview of what it's like …


Free birth control ruling is preventive care for the Earth

As of yesterday, new and renewed private insurance plans will now have to cover contraception, according to a ruling from the Department of Health and Human Services. Given that population reduction is one of the best things we can do …


Hope: the care and feeding of

Everywhere, along with nightmares and despair, are victories and emerging possibilities.


Owning a car is like having a second mortgage

Auckland Transport Blog points out a sobering calculation from the book The Option of Urbanism: The financial cost of owning and maintaining a car is equivalent to the cost of owning a small house. (Well, a small house in a …