Signs of life

The Encyclopedia of Life keeps plugging along

Check out this article by Wade Roush writing for Xconomy. Interestingly enough, his thoughts parallel those expressed in two previous posts I’ve done on this topic. I’m happy to see that you can now use Flickr to upload your photographs to the Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) database. Huh, wonder where they got that idea? Hopefully they will continue to take advice from the peanut gallery to help get this show on the road. They certainly seem to be moving in the right direction. Visit their “help us” page if you would like to know how you can contribute. Roush: … …

Umbra on soap

Dear Umbra, Every time I’m lathering with Dr. Bronner’s hemp castile soap, I wonder, what is castile soap? And how is it different from my bar of olive oil-based soap from the farmers market, or my partner’s Dove? Finally, does the ingredient triclosan in antibacterial soap really convert to dioxin in sunlight? And if so, wouldn’t that be more reason (more than, say, the fact that it doesn’t kill more bacteria than other soap) to get this now-ubiquitous stuff off the market? Cleanly, Susan Washington, D.C. Dearest Susan, You know I love this kind of thrilling research, so oft delayed …

Save transit, save the world

Public spending on transit is an easy call

Katharine Mieszkowski tells the sordid story: in the U.S., ridership for public transit is up, demand is up, but funding is going down and transit systems are decaying. The Washington Post says "[D.C.] Metro and 30 other transit agencies across the country may have to pay billions of dollars to large banks as years-old financing deals unravel, potentially hurting service for millions of bus and train riders." Not good. Meanwhile! Reconnecting America recently released new report: "Jumpstarting the Transit Space Race: How the New Administration Could Make America Energy-Independent, Create Jobs and Keep the Economy Strong." Is shows that demand …

Green party

The Electric Slide — now with actual electricity.

The Israeli Army goes green

Interesting stuff.

Earth Awards

The Earth Awards look cool: Deadline is Oct. 31. Better get cracking.

Making the world desirable and sustainable

Paul MacCready speaks at TED

A TED talk from Paul McCready: In 1998, aircraft designer Paul MacCready looks at a planet on which humans have utterly dominated nature, and talks about what we all can do to preserve nature’s balance. His contribution: solar planes, superefficient gliders and the electric car. (thanks LL)

From Junk to Trunk

Or are you just soapy to see me? Man Junk: “A line of organic shampoos for the discriminating scrotum.” Members only, please. Drink, baby, drink! May we interest you in the organic Palin Syrah? It’s a relatively new red, spicy and smooth, that pairs well with something old and tough. And for dessert, the baked Alaska — or perhaps the moose? Got the dirt Bud’s blog: Rained again today. Drank a lot, then soiled myself. Oh, shoot, gotta grow. Take it in stride These energy-generating shoes give a whole new meaning to power walking — perfect for when you need …

Do the locasexual motion

Slate encourages local dating for green’s sake

You try to eat locally, but do you, um, eat out locally? With the argument that long-distance dating hurts the earth, Slate says you should. The idea that many folks are “willing to be a locavore but not a locasexual,” as author Barron YoungSmith puts it, builds on the notion of eco-hypocrites who aren’t willing to curtail their air travel, but regularly do things like recycle, buy carbon offsets, or frequent farmers markets. But picking a local date could matter more than what’s on your plate. For a hypothetical San Francisco resident dating someone in D.C., “breaking up would be …

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