‘Hypermiling’ is the word of the year

Beating out such worthy contenders as “staycation” and “CarrotMob,” “hypermiling” has been crowned the 2008 Word of the Year by the New Oxford American Dictionary.

How to green your bathroom

No need to go all ape sh*t, greening your bathroom is easy.   Splish splash, I was takin’ a bathLong about a Saturday nightA-rub-dub, just relaxin’ in the tubThinkin’ everything was all right. Poor Bobby Darin — there he was, thinking everything was all right, when he really should have been taking a four-minute shower under his low-flow showerhead. Of course, rewriting his movin’ and groovin’ ditty would be a musical crime. But water and energy waste (and their associated punch to the pocketbook) are also a crime of sorts. Luckily, they’re avoidable. It’s tempting to think that what happens …

The shipping news ...

UPS to deliver by b-i-k-e?

The president of the Salem (Ore.) Bicycle Club got an e-mail from someone purportedly at UPS looking to hire seasonal drivers to make deliveries by bike — and thus to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. Wowie! If this is for real, it means that all those with admiring eyes for the buff men and women in brown have even more to look forward to — buffer men and women, with a healthy glow from biking around to deliver goods. Hope this is real. Anyone heard of UPS doing this anywhere else?

Mo' money, mo' problems

Pearlstein: ‘A Detroit bankruptcy beats a bailout’ — but what do you think?

I’m quite interested in hearing your thoughts on two questions: How much of your money, if any, should the government give to Detroit? What should we get in return ? That is, of course, beyond the $25 billion already promised the Big Three (Medium Two?) U.S. automakers to retool their factories (in theory) to make fuel-efficient cars. Worth noting at the start is that anyone, including the feds, could buy GM right now for about $2 billion, its current market capitalization, which is about one-third the market cap of the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group. My biggest concern with giving them …

E-waste scandal on 60 Minutes

60 Minutes will be airing a segment on the global toxic trade in e-waste tonight. Here’s a preview story and video.

How many salad shooters does the world need?

Chinese Premier: Rich nations should ditch ‘unsustainable’ lifestyles and stop buying our crap

OK, maybe Premier Wen didn’t say that last part: BEIJING (AFP) — Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said Friday that rich nations should alter their lifestyles to help tackle global warming, at the start of a two-day meeting on climate change, state media reported. “The developed countries have a responsibility and an obligation to respond to global climate change by altering their unsustainable way of life,” Wen was quoted as saying by Xinhua news agency. Snap! And yet … and yet … I confess the first thing that popped into my head when I read that admonition was this Onion story: …


William Shatner speaks out against global warming

And again I say: Shatner!

Be Stella my heart

Stella McCartney named green designer of the year

<img alt="Stella McCartney" src="; vspace="0" border="0" hspace="0"> Photo: Peter Larsen/ Beatle offspring Stella McCartney was named the first-ever Green Designer of the Year at the Accessories Council Excellence Awards earlier this week. The vegetarian fashion designer doesn’t use leather or fur in her designs, and seeing as her mom was animal-rights activist Linda Eastman and Sir Paul also hearts the animals, it’s clear the McCartney doesn’t fall far from the tree. Green style guru Danny Seo once told Grist, “Stella McCartney is great — her shoes and accessories are all faux leather, but it’s not a PVC-based synthetic, it’s …

Green space lessens socioeconomic health gap, says study

The health disparity between rich and poor folk is much smaller in areas with plenty of parks and green space, according to a large study published in British medical journal The Lancet. Says lead author Richard Mitchell, “This is the first time we have demonstrated that aspects of the physical environment can have an impact in such a good way.”

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