Rick Perry stumbles and mumbles as he tries to defend abstinence education [VIDEO]

"Abstinence works." That's Rick Perry's response to a question about why Texas is sticking with abstinence-only education despite its high teen pregnancy rate.


Looking at nature makes you smarter

Check it out: You're brilliant now.

Green Home

Do individual green actions matter? Maybe not, says New York Times

The Huffington Post's eco-etiquette column yesterday featured a question from “Kimberly,” who writes "I used to be enthusiastic about going green, but now I feel like what's the point? Like a stupid reusable water bottle is going to make a difference…" She …


Toilet-sharing app CLOO' turns your home into a public bathroom

Hey, we all love sharing, right? It lets you live comfortably while limiting consumption and waste. And you have that bathroom, and you're not using it all the time, right? What are you, selfish? Put your money where your mouth …


Oil rig escape pods turned into real-life Survivaballs

You remember Survivaballs, don't you? They're the ultimate solution to a planet gone crazy with excess thermal energy, marketed directly to the executives most directly responsible for all this climate change. Well, now someone has turned oil rig escape pods into the …

Green Living Tips

Wicked wicks: Ask Umbra on paraffin candle disposal

How to dispose of toxic tapers? Ask Umbra burns the candle at both ends to find out.


Ask Umbra at the tar-sands protests and on the radio

Ask Umbra joins the tar-sands protests and gets interviewed by a radio program called Mrs. Green's World.


Raising chickens is totally rock and roll

Jenifer Jourdanne has expensive tastes, expensive shoes, and "designer chickens." In an essay in xoJane, she talks about how her long-standing backyard coop didn't dent her rocker cred: I will have you know I was a maverick. I was the …


Are vegetarians more fun in the sack?

Apparently vegetarians do eat meat. Data from the online dating site OKCupid indicate that vegetarians enjoy giving oral sex more — or anyway, they say they do. There are all sorts of causation and correlation-based theories we could attempt here, …