Young people in Canada, anyway

New study says young people want apartments, not houses; iPhones, not cars

A new Canadian study indicates that more and more people prefer to live in high-density apartments.


'The car is a kind of shield that deflects empathy'

The new photo series "Lee Friedlander: America by Car" shows how our mode of transportation shapes our experience of the world.

A little gas

Is the Chevy Volt really an electric car?

The Chevy Volt will be in showrooms soon and that's raising the question of whether it's an electric car wannabe.

Quit Stalling?

Ask Umbra on using toilet seat covers

A reader wonders whether he should placate his worried wife and use toilet seat covers whenever he uses a public bathroom, or just sit with abandon and save a tree instead. Umbra gives the scoop …

all along the watertower

When I learned that water isn't supposed to have a taste

Turning on your faucet shouldn't be a high-risk venture. Cities and towns shouldn't have to worry that the water lost in leaky pipes will mean ongoing shortages or usage restrictions. But these concerns are already …

You win some, you booze some

Green-minded dinner theater's 'Sauced' buzzworthy, but not intoxicating

Innovative dinner theater Cafe Nordo's most recent production delves into the deliciously dark world of drinking. But will it be a smashed hit?

The U.N. plot thickens

New Portland grocery store has more parking for bikes than cars

A grocery store in Portland, Ore., is opening a new store that features more bike spots than parking spaces.

dissing the dystopians

Nick Bilton reports from the future: Don’t be afraid, Earthlings

Robots are never going to take over our lives, says the author of a new book on technology. Good luck getting a movie deal out of that.

Spray it ain't so!

Two-thirds of Americans think aerosol spray causes climate change

A lot of people also seem to think that rockets punching holes in the ozone increases global warming. No kidding.