Employers scramble to make commutes less costly

Recognizing the very real possibility of losing quality employees to jobs with shorter, cheaper commutes, employers across the country are scrambling to help their workers save on gas. Many companies have started to strongly encourage telecommuting, even paying for at-home workers’ laptops, Blackberrys, and/or wireless connections. Microsoft has leased extra office space miles from its Washington State headquarters, closer to where many employees live. Other businesses are trying out four-day work weeks, organizing vanpools, or doling out gas cards, bus passes, raises, and even bicycles. “We had 14 calls last week and nine of those named high gas prices as …

Mel Gibson talkin' to De Niro about eco-thriller

Stars align for Edge of Darkness

Mel Gibson: Hey, De Niro, you wanna star in an eco-thriller with me? Robert De Niro: You talkin’ to me? Gibson: Yes, I’m talkin’ to you. It’s called Edge of Darkness; it’s based on that BBC miniseries. Are you familiar with it? De Niro: You talkin’ to me? Gibson: Yeah, it’s about this homicide detective (that’d be me) who uncovers government and corporate cover-ups when his environmental activist daughter is murdered. De Niro: You talkin’ to me? Gibson: Yes, Bobby, I’m talkin’ to you. You’d play the CIA operative trying to cover up the evidence. De Niro: Well, then who …

Top 15 green brands

Gen Y chooses style over sustainability

What companies do today’s trendsetters consider to be the top 15 green brands? It’s not who you might think … A survey of 100 Gen Y’ers (born 1979-1993) asked which brands they perceived to be most eco-friendly. Here are the top 15: Whole Foods Trader Joe’s Toyota Honda Google Aveda Zipcar American Apparel Ikea 7th Generation Apple The Body Shop Starbucks Netflix Method The aim of the survey, the consulting firm said, was to “discover which companies are going beyond the niche segment of hard-core Greenies to win over influential Gen Y’s.” In making their selections, those surveyed told Outlaw …

Dumpster diver

Trash becomes treasure for this freegan

We’ve written about freegans many times before, but this video shows exactly what kind of treasures are sometimes thrown out with the trash:

From Pork to Poke

Eat your hat Tried to go whole hog, but still have leftovers? Haberdash over to this site to save your bacon. Because “one always looks neat, in a hat made from meat.” Crop of the Kreme Put a spring in your step with these grass-lined flip-flops, created by Krispy Kreme to give stressed-out workers a walk in the park. They’ll grow on you — just donut forget to water them! Death is like a box of chocolates Pushin’ up daisies? Sleeping with the fishes? Stone-cold dead? Burning in hell? These eco-coffins have you covered. Off road One down … millions …

Common, EPA-OK’d insecticides causing health problems

More than a quarter of all significant pesticide-related health problems reported to the U.S. EPA in 2007 involved a class of insecticides deemed safe by the agency, says a new report from the Center for Public Integrity. Naturally occurring pyrethrins and their synthetic counterpart, pyrethroids, have been touted as safe alternatives to nasty organophosphates. In the past decade, they have increasingly shown up in pet shampoos, roach killers, carpet cleaners, and more. EPA data for 2007 reflect 1,030 reported incidents involving pyrethrins and pyrethroids — more than any other class of insecticide — compared to 261 in 1998. CPI “uncovered …

Sixty seconds to make climate matter

Create a video for our next president

If you had 60 seconds to talk to our next president and other political leaders about climate change, what would you say? Well, get your speech ready because the Climate Matters Video Contest is offering that opportunity to 10 lucky videographers. They’re accepting submissions on Vimeo until September 22, and the top ten most-viewed videos will be featured during an October event for the media, Congress, and both presidential campaigns. They’ll also be featured on major media sites including HuffPo and ThinkMTV. Need more incentive? A panel of judges including actress Maggie Gyllenhaal and the producers/directors of 11th Hour will …

Gossip whirl

Gossip Girl, Traveling Pants stars encourage recycling

Spotted: B and S mugging for the camera. The cast of the CW’s Gossip Girl are forgoing bottled water in favor of bringing their own mugs to the set. And stars Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, and Penn Badgley appear in three short eco-ads, below: In other celeb news you can reuse, Alexis Bledel of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 is promoting the travel of your old pants (specifically jeans) to New Orleans for recycling into insulation. I won’t say green is the new black, but maybe Blake Lively, who stars in both, is the next NatPo …

Green Olympians

Meet the eco-activist athletes who’ll be competing in Beijing

Photo: Mansoor Ahmed/WireImage LeBron James, U.S., Basketball The Cavaliers’ superstar forward LeBron James not only passed Olympic muster this year, but also met SpongeBob SquarePants’ approval. The two celebs have teamed up as part of Nickelodeon’s Big Green Help campaign aimed at encouraging kids to go green.

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