Here’s what the inside of a tree sounds like

Installation artist Bartholomäus Traubeck’s new work, “Years,” uses some kind of optical dealie to translate a tree’s age rings into piano music.

Pop-up Starbucks made of shipping containers

Recycling shipping containers into houses and environmental centers has been the new architectural hotness for a while, but what good are houses and environmental centers when you can’t get coffee? This four-carton Starbucks near Seattle (go fig) offers a recycled alternative …

An inhabited apartment inside a subway station

Ad agency Ubi Bene built an apartment for five roommates in the middle of a Paris Metro station.

How to start urban composting in your building

Dirt is great stuff: You can grow things in it, which means that in the future when the only thing left is climate change, zombies, and Terminators designed to look like Kardashians, it will be a kind of wealth. So …

Survey: The American dream home is energy-efficient

It’s not news that utilities can be budget-killers, and apparently people are getting wise to the fact that energy-efficiency means lower utility bills. A recent Yahoo survey found that energy efficiency is the one feature everyone can agree on when …

The guy with 15 things got some more things

Remember that guy with only 15 things? Well, he ditched nine things and bought 33 things, apparently. Still doing better than you.

Ask Umbra: Got any good green jokes?

A reader wonders if there are any funny environmental one-liners. Umbra yuks it up.

Kicked to the curb: What my kid (and YouTube) taught me about garbage

Next time you're looking for idle entertainment, check out the garbage truck meme on YouTube. You'll be truly amazed at what Americans throw away.

Critical List: ‘Super fracking’; pollution threatens Lake Titicaca

Natural gas companies are looking into "super fracking," which uses larger, deeper cracks and draws power from our planet’s yellow sun. West Virginians, Pennsylvanians, and Ohioans are all hoping that Shell will choose to build a petrochemical refinery in their …