Burger and fr ... uh, what was I saying?

Study links fast-food diets to Alzheimer’s

As the economy plunges into an abyss, consumers are cutting back on spending. They’re desperately seeking bargains, including culinary ones. While most companies deal with declining demand, McDonald’s saw its U.S. sales jump 5.3 percent …

Road to recovering

Turning old bus seat fabric into shoes is a fashion fail

Recycling? Hot. Public transit? Also hot. Recycling bus seat covers into shoes? Fugly.

Umbra on greening the office

Dear Umbra, The Powers That Be at my job have decided to start a Green Initiative. The project got put on the desk of the office manager, who doesn’t know where to start. I signed …

Gisele Bündchen goes green -- psyche!

Rumors swirl that Brazilian bombshell’s NFL heartthrob BF caught MRSA

I’ve been writing about the antibiotic-resistant bacteria strain called MRSA for a while. Evidence is mounting that by regularly dumping strong antibiotics into the feed rations of confined hogs, the meat industry is creating virulent …

I can't believe a supposedly 'environmental' website like Grist is posting about cars!!1!

Green stuff from the L.A. auto show

We didn’t do much coverage of the L.A. Auto Show, because we don’t have the resources WE CONDEMN THE DECADENT LEMMING CARBURBAN FANTASIA! But I just read a bunch of stuff about it over on …

A better kind of hybrid

Small tank + on-demand

Check out these “electric-hybrid” water heaters — on-demand heat, plus a small tank, cuts average yearly energy in half. (via ScientificBlogging)

A reason to give thanks

This is not a Grist spoof: President-elect Barack Obama says he wants to make the White House “green.” In an interview with Barbara Walters, Obama said he plans to sit down with the chief usher …

Take it back!

Electronics TakeBack Coalition runs a Times Square ad entreating Panasonic to take back TVs for recycling — on Panasonic jumbotron:


Holy moly. Looks like National Buy Nothing Day came early this year, and for the first time, also included electricity: An unexpected drop in U.S. electricity consumption has utility companies worried that the trend isn’t …

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