Ask Umbra: Are cell phones safe to use?

A cell phone user writes in to ask about the potential health impacts of using the device. This is no LOL’ing matter! Umbra makes a call on ways to use your mobile phone more safely. …


Teens say: Please give us decent sex ed! [VIDEO]

Why is the teen birthrate in the U.S. so high? Sex ed in many schools sucks. Some teens got so fed up that they made a film about the need for real sex education.


Björk protests energy deal with karaoke marathon [VIDEO]

Bj?rk is staging a three-day karaoke marathon -- but not for fun, y'all. It's a protest against a sell-off of Iceland's natural resources. (Oh snarf!)


Old Christmas trees get new life as fish habitats

Ugly tree, beautiful snack. Top that, Charlie Brown.


‘Trash is cash,’ rap Kenyan kids [VIDEO]

Nairobi businesses dump 1.5 tons of trash daily -- and 80 percent of it could be recycled. Watch kids from Nairobi slums rap about recycling.


Guy stops using soap for a year, loves it

Sean Bonner hasn't used shampoo or soap in a year -- and he says he smells great.


How to get your city to allow backyard chickens

Around the country, chickens are gaining popularity as productive pets, yet many municipalities forbid keeping them. Here’s what you can do if yours is among them.

Climate & Energy

Can we make climate change sexy — or at least less boring?

Would bikini-clad researchers posing at the Arctic help thaw climate apathy?


Sustainably farmed trout make a tasty, savory chowder [VIDEO]

A visit to Star Prairie, a small trout farm situated on the Apple River in Wisconsin, yields fish for a cold-killing chowder.