Got First World problems? This is your jam.

Bougie concerns about comfort and convenience are sort of the bane of the environmental movement … and the social justice movement … and the general not-being-an-annoying-brat movement. But hey, we all have days when we know people are starving in …


Is your shampoo making you fat?

More research suggests that the toxic chemicals present in our everyday lives play a role in the obesity epidemic.


The medium chill

Step off the aspirational treadmill and forego some material opportunities in exchange for more time to spend enjoying the things that make for a good life.

Green Living Tips

Replace your lawnmower with goats

Anyone still caring for a clipped green lawn can lessen their enviro guilt by trading in weed-killing chemicals for a herd of goats. If you’ve got invasive plants, never fear: Your milkweed brings all the goats to the yard. They …

Green Living Tips

Dirty blonde: Ask Umbra on composting dyed hair

Is dyed hair toxic for compost bins? Ask Umbra breaks down the question.


Vegan condoms keep your junk cruelty-free

If you won't put animal products in your mouth, shouldn't it stand to reason you wouldn't put them on your wang? Or maybe you're courting a vegan, and you want to seal the deal. Lucky for you there are vegan …

Green Home

Build this beautiful shipping container house for only $40K

There's been a small vogue for houses and buildings made of shipping containers, which are cheap, plentiful, and often end up tossed in the sea (either on purpose or otherwise). This airy two-container dwelling is one of the prettiest we've …


Right-wingers bash Gore for wanting women to have access to birth control

The right-wing media is all aflutter over Al Gore saying that we should educate girls, keep kids from dying, and make birth control available to women.

Green Living Tips

One day, we’ll water plants with our pee in public restrooms

Everyone remembers that deathless scene from Waterworld where Kevin Costner pees in a jug, filters it, drinks some, then spits the rest into a plant. (EVERYONE REMEMBERS IT, I SAID. But if you’ve been living under a rock, you can …