Does it matter if my salad greens come in a bag or a box?

If you just can't deal with washing your lettuce yourself, is it better to go for a plastic bag or a plastic box? Umbra has a clear answer.

Climate & Energy

Want to survive climate change? Move here

It may look pretty bad now, but it'll be great in about 80 years.


This video of Earth and the stuff we put on it is mesmerizing

Grab your headphones and give it a watch.


No, the fight over Planned Parenthood is not over

If you'd like to go ahead and cryogenically freeze yourself to get away from this absurd saga, don't bother.


Couple turns lawn into ecosystem; officials threaten to mow it down

A couple in Ohio decided to let their yard grow wild, but their township wasn't having it.

Green Screen

True Detective is almost over, and almost everyone is dead

How many people have had to die in this season of True Detective to make California's high-speed rail happen?

she went to Harvard

Megan Amram brings the sadlaughs on women and science

Finally! A silly and sexy take on science that we ladies can understand.


This video explains America’s love affair with meat

Americans eat nearly twice as much as the average Norwegian and roughly nine times as much as the average Ghanaian.


What’s the best way to get rid of rats?

Umbra counsels a rat-ridden reader to forego the poisons, which tend to harm indiscriminately, and find better ways to remove a rodent.