faith in the future

Morocco will create 600 environmentally friendly mosques by 2019.

The country will green hundreds of the country's religious centers with LED lighting, solar water heaters, and photovoltaic power systems.

oh frack

Fracking operations might’ve caused one of Oklahoma’s biggest earthquakes yet.

Oklahoma ties for its biggest earthquake yet.

Men again

Meet America’s ugliest hobby: Coal rolling.

States are finally starting to crack down on the world's worst idea.

You Can't Win

Your massive tote bag collection is ruining the planet too, pal.

You've probably collected so many reusable bags that they're as disposable as their plastic counterparts.

Baking soda jerk

Where does baking soda come from, and is it really so eco-friendly?

Advice columnist Umbra Fisk digs down to find out about the mining and manufacturing processes used to produce baking soda.


There’s a new video game to indulge your worst climate change fears.

Gamers get to experience the climate apocalypse firsthand.

Work smarter

To fight climate change, take a three-day weekend — every weekend.

Most carbon emissions result from economic activity such as commuting and running machines at workplaces.

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Here's what we read and loved on the internet this week.

uber complicated

It’s like Uber, but for public transit. Also, it is Uber.

Altamonte Springs, Florida, struggled for years to develop a transit system.