Plant breeders and chefs work together to cook up yummier food

Efforts to grow better tasting fruits and vegetables lead to purple tomatoes and spiceless habaneros.


Park Service removes garbage cans from San Francisco beach … to prevent litter

So far, the results are mixed.

Should you be eating fruit foraged from urban landscapes?

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Moving to renewable energy would create millions of jobs, study finds

Republican candidates still think jobs and saving the planet are mutually exclusive. They're wrong.

Climate & Energy

Climate change might force this Native American tribe off of the land it’s been on for generations

The Quinault tribe in Washington state is experiencing rising seas and disappearing salmon.

Farm bill favors corporations and ignores people of color

A new study looks at where the government puts resources and -- surprise! -- it's not equitable.

Climate & Energy

Report shows the disproportionate effects of climate change on the global poor

The World Bank predicts 100 million more people will fall into extreme poverty by 2030 due to climate change.


On technology, primitive tools, and the power of the great outdoors

Wilderness provides a refuge from the world we have created -- it allows our bodies to experience the world they were shaped for, rather than the world we have shaped.


What’s worse: Life as a Costco chicken or trying to rent in New York City?

Humane Society's new video shows people what it would be like to live in a chicken cage.