The court end of the stick

A federal court has dealt a blow to protestors fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

But the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, leaders of the anti-pipeline campaign, vow to fight on.

Ex-squeeze me

Can I recycle baby food pouches?

Advice columnist Umbra Fisk unpacks what you need to know about those popular, squishy containers of ready-to-eat kiddo treats.

Hurricane Matthew

As the largest storm in a decade nears Florida, the Caribbean starts to dig out.

Hurricane Matthew smashed Haiti particularly hard this week.

Learning Things

Every week, we tell you to read! This week is different.

Our favorite multimedia features from this week.

Hurricane Matthew

Florida doesn’t know what’s coming for it

Hurricanes are getting rarer but stronger. As Matthew barrels toward Florida, communities remain unprepared for a big storm.

Don't be a pill

Here’s how to keep your sweaters lasting longer

Advice columnist Umbra Fisk pulls the wool from our eyes and tells us how to find high-quality knitwear and keep it looking good.

no place like gnome

Life on this Colorado farm is about more than plants.

Tomten Farm produces more than just food: It produces relationships.

We Need To Talk

The president, a climate scientist, and a ’90s heartthrob walk onto the White House South Lawn.

President Obama, climatologist Katharine Hayhoe, and Leonardo DiCaprio got together to talk about climate change at SXSL.


A top climate scientist isn’t impressed with the world’s half-assed effort to save itself.

James Hansen thinks the landmark Paris Agreement is solid C-minus work.