The good news about the earthquake that will destroy the Northwest

Seattle is a century overdue for a disastrous earthquake. But there's a silver lining!

Babe Alert!

Ladies, sometimes it’s OK to have your burger and eat it, too

This Hump Day, go ahead and treat yo self with our crushes of the week.


It’s been a big week for yogurt news

NPR appears to be doing the Lord's work and bringing us all the yogurt news we need to make it through the day.

A Peck of Pizzas

Nick Offerman eats pizza from trees in this sadlaugh of a video

Want to know where your kids' cafeteria lunches are coming from? Luckily for you, Nick Offerman (aka Ron Swanson) is on the case.

matters of flesh

Why does meat have to be manly?

The concept of "clean eating" is actually pretty messy, especially for women.


On “True Detective,” public transit riders have it even worse than usual

Nothing adds insult to bus-riding injury like being run over by an SUV.

just give it a shot

Agave, the plant that gets you drunk off tequila, could also help drought-proof our food system

Scientists want to teach other plants to be as water-thrifty as the nifty agave plant.


Is it OK to buy plastic water bottles for emergencies?

A reader wants to know: Are big plastic jugs of bottled water really the best way to go? Umbra finds out.


We’re asking the tough questions on meat

Sit back, relax, and put on your meat glasses: We're about to take a deep dive into the most controversial food group.