From Pint to Putt

iSave Sure it’s Twitterific, pours a pint, and finds you dinner with a shake of the wrist — but did you know the iPhone also has five apps devoted to conserving gas? Good call! 1, 2, 3, 4, get your action on the floor Rapper Coolio knows global warming is no gangsta’s paradise — so he’s on a fantastic voyage to spread the word to historically black colleges across the country. Look for him to slide (slide, slippity slide) into a campus near you. C u when u get there! Shall I compare thee to a global warming day? Robby …

If you’re going to eat meat, you can’t shy away from the whole beast

Ready to meat its maker. A few months ago, I decided to force myself to confront issues surrounding meat-eating head on — so to speak — by attending a hog-butchering class. Taught by Boston chef Jamie Bissonnette of KO Prime and offered through the Chefs Collaborative, the class focused on utilizing the whole animal, from head to tail. As usual, I was beset by the dilemma of what to wear. What looks attractive, creative, and professional — yet also looks good splattered in blood? I finally gave up trying to solve this particular sartorial puzzle and just decided to wear …

Major U.S. cities ranked by relative walkability

Software company Front Seat has released a ranking of the most walkable U.S. cities, rating the relative distance to and density of businesses like grocery stores, bars, book stores, and coffee shops to calculate an overall walkability score. San Francisco took top honors, followed by New York City, Boston, Chicago, and Philadelphia; the lowest scoring cities were Jacksonville, Fla.; Nashville; Charlotte, N.C.; Indianapolis; and Oklahoma City. The rankings also singled out the nation’s most walkable neighborhoods, with Tribeca, Little Italy, and Soho in NYC placing first. “It’s both healthy for the Earth and for humans to be able to walk …

Pope talks to youth about consumption, environmental degradation

Pope Benedict XVI addressed over 150,000 people in Sydney, Australia, on Thursday as part of Whirled-Youth Day World Youth Day, a massive Catholic get-together meant to infuse the church with the energy of its youth. The pontiff commented on the beauty of the natural world as he saw it from aboard the papal plane. That Pope’s-eye-view, he said, was a source of inspiration and wonder. “It is as though one catches glimpses of the Genesis creation story — light and darkness, the sun and the moon, the waters, the earth, and living creatures.” However, all is not well with the …

PETA gets served

Animal rights group called out for repeatedly exploiting women

Yesterday, The Sydney Morning Herald had a piece about PETA titled, “Why does a pro-vegetarian organisation treat women like meat?” Good question. The women-as-meat connection’s nothing new — 1990’s Sexual Politics of Meat, anyone? But it’s especially ironic coming from a group that asserts, “Animals are not ours to use for entertainment.” Seattle’s stellar Erica Barnett (writer for alt-weekly The Stranger, among other things) has pummeled PETA previously, as have a slew of bloggers — and PETA just keeps asking for it. A recent campaign makes raw meat bikinis and vegan strip clubs look downright tame: Interns were made up …

Indiana Greens and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Harrison Ford on living green

Can we live green and live well? Harrison Ford says living well is living green:

Wal-Mart, mining companies team up to trace path of jewelry supply chain

Retail giant Wal-Mart is joining with Conservation International as well as mining companies Rio Tinto and Newmont Mining to launch a pilot project that lets customers trace the path of their jewelry from mine to mega-store. Marketed as Wal-Mart’s “Love, Earth” brand jewelry, the items stand out from others in that once they’re purchased, customers can go to the Love, Earth website, plug in the tag number from their jewelry item and see what mine it came out of and the path it traveled from refiner to manufacturer to retailer. Wal-Mart has been marketing Love, Earth items as more eco-friendly, …

New definition of green

Cabins are not ‘earth-friendly’

Green: A marketing scheme used to sell environmentally destructive crap to unthinking dupes. Here's an eco-fantasy article crafted to sell second homes. Scaling from the French doors in one picture I calculate that this "cabin" is twice the size of my own two-story, two-bath, four-bedroom home in Seattle. Half of this visible wall is window, having half the insulation value of a typical wall:

Green carpet treatment

MLB, NRDC, and Chevy partner for ‘greenest’ All-Star Game

Tonight's Major League Baseball All-Star Game in New York should be the "greenest" MLB event ever, according to Reuters. In partnership with Chevy and NRDC, MLB incorporated a number of "green" initiatives into tonight's game: Athletes will be transported to and from Yankee Stadium in FlexFuel Chevy Silverados, post-consumer recycled waste content and bio-based materials will be included in paper products, and NRDC green teams will roam the stands of Yankee Stadium encouraging debauched and inebriated baseball fans to recycle. However, the centerpiece of the green All-Star Game is the giant "green" red carpet upon which the all-star players paraded for 18 blocks down Sixth Avenue. The 95,000-square-foot carpet, created by Bentley Prince Street, Inc. of California, was made completely out of recycled fiber content, and 100 percent of electricity was generated by an on-site solar array or financed through the purchase of Green-e certified renewable energy certificates. Too bad the FlexFuel Chevy Silverados in which the All-Stars paraded were less green than the carpet upon which they rolled. Fox will broadcast the final Yankee Stadium All-Star Game starting at 7:00 p.m. ET.

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