ReGeneration Roadtrip: For them, the bell tolls

Bridging architecture and ecology at Arcosanti

    To get to Arcosanti, you must drive 70 miles north of Phoenix — one of the fastest growing (read: sprawling) areas of the country, through gorgeous saguaro-covered desert hills to a 2.5 mile …

ReGeneration Roadtrip: Degrees of sustainability

Living and learning at Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability

    This is a guest post by my travel partner, Todd Dwyer, head blogger for Dell’s, where this post originally appeared. —– The folks at Arizona State University’s Global Institute of Sustainability really …

Umbra on shifting to vegetarianism

Dear Umbra, I recently became a vegetarian for environmental reasons. Everyone says I should start eating soy products and tofu. But doesn’t soy come from evil industrial farms in Iowa? I thought the idea was …

Ask Umbra’s video archives

Iceland gives hydrogen the cold shoulder

Electric vehicles crowd out hydrogen brethren at sustainable driving conference

The following post is by Earl Killian, guest blogger at Climate Progress. —– Iceland has long been touted as a hydrogen economy pioneer. So it is quite shocking that electric vehicles — both plug-in hybrids …

A nine-minute country-fried epic from every indie boy's biggest crush

Friday music blogging: Jenny Lewis

Jenny Lewis came to indie fame as the singer for Rilo Kiley; since then, her profile has all but eclipsed theirs. (I’d bet their latest album, Under the Blacklight, is their last.) Her 2006 solo …

From Vengeance to Volt

That’s why she hated Skinner Scully wanted to believe Armani would leave Fox Mulder alone after the designer promised to stop using fur — but with his fall collection, the truth is out there. Photo: …

ReGeneration Roadtrip: Verde in Vegas

Hitting the Vegas strip to see the world’s largest LEED certified building

  What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas … except when it comes to spreading the news about exciting green ventures. To do that, Todd and I hit The Strip (official work business, I swear!) …

Reusable shopping bags not so green if you don’t use ‘em

These days, you can’t swing a dead cabbage without hitting a reusable bag. The darlings of the environmental movement (totes, not cabbages) are increasingly being provided free or cheap to green-minded consumers. And they serve …

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