Greening the evangelicals

A new video about creation care

Another sharp new piece from the American News Project:

Public transit ridership is up, but no one’s talking about a better system

But how long will they wait for infrastructure improvements? Photo: Sharat Ganapati One year ago, as America prepared for the traditional summer-driving crush, op-ed pages nationwide fretted over a disturbing trend. Only a decade earlier, …

From Turnoff to Turn-on

Just don’t hit eject Overpopulation give you pause? Then give it pause, boys, with a remote control that halts sperm in its tracks. Perfect for dates on fast-forward — though it does involve microchipping your …

An eco-friendly gift guide for Father’s Day

I will be your father figure, I have had enough of clime. You’re already planning to whip up a delectable dinner for Dad; the lawn is freshly mown; and you’re saving that request for plumbing …

Neve gonna get it

Neve Campbell’s eco-flick won’t air in the U.S.

Neve Campbell. Burn Up is the (totally and completely fictional) story about a clash between Big Oil and Big Green. The Canadian/British miniseries features Party of Five star Neve Campbell as an environmentalist hired to …

Departed from gasoline

Oceans of love for the Tesla-driving Matt Damon

Photo: PBS Not that I’m f*cking (in love with) Matt Damon and would use even vaguely green news as an excuse to write about him — what would give you that idea? — but the …

New climate campaign aimed at U.S. consumers

A European campaign to raise consumer awareness of climate change has made its U.S. debut. The Together campaign — not to be confused with the similarly named-and-agendaed “we” campaign — was initiated by the nonprofit …

A primer on organic wines, and a sweet way to bring them to the table

Psst! Organic wine doesn’t suck. About 15 years ago, a friend brought an organic wine to a dinner party I was giving. He explained to me that in addition to being made from grapes that …

Atoning for a carbon footprint?

Ian McEwan writing a novel about climate change — with funniness!

Ian McEwan. Photo: Eamon McCabe Booker Prize-winning British novelist Ian McEwan, now best known for Atonement, is at work on a new novel about climate change that will include “extended comic stretches,” The Guardian reports. …

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