For Hollywood, carlessness is ‘symbolic castration’

Why does the film industry have such contempt for the carless? Good question.


Paris hopes to expand car-sharing, limit car-burning

Paris already has one of the largest bike-sharing programs in the world; now it wants to add a car-sharing program, with all electric cars.


Ask Umbra on avoiding 'pink slime' in ground beef and flushing kitty litter

Ask Umbra tackles where to buy slime-free hamburger meat. She also revisits the flushability issue from last week's kitty litter column.


The arrival of the stork isn't always a happy occasion [VIDEO]

An irreverent little video about population pressures -- "The Stork" by Nina Paley. Watch it here.

Follow a drop of water

Photo contest winners: Waste on the water

Grist readers once again sent us photos of the watery wilderness close to their hearts and homes. This time around: polluted waterways. We all know water pollution is a serious problem -- this collection of five photos and video highlights …


Urbivore's Dilemma, Week 8: What seasonal food can teach you

Eight weeks down, 21 more to go for this takeout eater turning into a local, seasonal CSA adventurer. One who was feeling distinctly yellow this week.


Clip a garden onto your apartment with the ‘Plant Room’

If the earth's population is going to keep skyrocketing as fast as cities are popping up skyscrapers, I suppose we'll be needing mini-parks that attach to the sides of apartment buildings. Good thing these New Zealand design students are already …

Climate & Energy

Drill deep and don't spill a drop with Oil Spill Condoms

We can't say we're surprised to see such a clever combination of causes. We're just surprised it took so long. See what we're gushing about.


Eight potentially poisonous personal care products [SLIDESHOW]

We've done you a favor and examined some of the shocking ingredients hiding in your bathroom cabinets and make-up collections. Proceed with caution.