Watch the trailer for 'Revenge of the Electric Car' [VIDEO]

Watch the movie trailer for "Revenge of the Electric Car," the sequel to 2006's "Who Killed the Electric Car?" from filmmaker Chris Paine.


Men in aprons, food-police backlash, and 8 more trends

The Food Channel editors say that thanks to our crappy economy, the kind of edibles we at Grist get excited about are finally going more mainstream. Basically, bye-bye food porn and stunt restaurants -- hello do-it-yourself, make-it-don't-buy-it values.


NYC kids bring urban gardening skills to the roof

Forget swapping chips and pudding: Elementary school kids in New York City can start growing their own lunches in an innovative rooftop greenhouse.


Six reasons to choose the dining room over the diner

There are lots of great restaurants out there, but eating out regularly adds up in many ways. Here are six reasons why eating at home is superior.


Ask Umbra on surprising last-minute holiday gifts sure to cause a smile

A frenzied reader asks Umbra for last-minute, memorable and sustainable gift ideas. Read this and start checking off the naughty and nice on your list


Why you should eat insects instead of meat [VIDEO]

Marcel Dicke (it's French or something, perv) argues that insects are a savory, eco-friendly alternative to meat. This is apparently not a joke.

Climate & Energy

Ask Umbra’s Book Club: Would you blow up a mountain to save a bird species?

Umbra's discussion of her Book Club pick "Freedom" kicks off with a video of author Jonathan Franzen talking about compromises and energy options.


Hunting, cooking, and eating squirrel [VIDEO]

You've heard about bugs being the next sustainable protein source, but what about squirrel? You may shudder, but plenty of cultures enjoy this plentiful, tasty meat -- and now, so do I.

Business & Technology

Sex: the next ethical industry?

Few sectors rival the global economic importance of sex, but so far sustainability professionals have left it completely untouched.