Notable quotable

“I kind of thought that eco-friendly clothes meant misshapen hemp sweaters — you know, from like 1992 or something.” — actress Maggie Gyllenhaal

The eco-beginnings of modern government

How modern cities made themselves livable

Financial deregulation has obviously been a disaster. Perhaps we are entering a new era, one in which it is acceptable to talk about the positive actions that governments can take. A friend of mine, Bryn …

Clorox’s Green Works line now top-selling green cleaners in U.S.

Clorox’s first entree into the green-cleaning market, released just this year, is going swimmingly so far with the $5.3 billion company on track to sell over $40 million worth of its Green Works cleaners in …

Be green, get rich?

Budget-saving tips awfully similar to planet-preserving prescriptions

Who are you to deny me my two-car garage filled with junk, an elegant dining room I’ll never use, and massive heating/cooling bills? That’s the basic response from critics when greens question McMansions in particular …

Another green pop culture fail

King of the Hill takes on green

Last Sunday, Fox’s animated show King of the Hill ran an episode called “Earthy Girls Are Easy.” (You can watch the full episode here.) I was excited when I heard about it. KotH is a …

ReGeneration Roadtrip: Retrace our steps

Maps, videos, and images from our cross-country travels

It’s been almost three weeks since I left Seattle to meet up with a total stranger and drive across the country in search of hope for a sustainable future. Well, hope we found — pretty …

A song for the end of an era

Friday music blogging: Eliza Gilkyson

According to dozens of experts surveyed by The Wall Street Journal, we’re heading into a recession that will be the worst in 50 years, with at least three consecutive quarters of less-than-zero growth. Millions of …

From Peeps to Piehole

Hangin’ with my peeps Keep the kids close to the nest: the illicit urban chicken movement is taking wing across the nation, hatching plans to egg houses and fowl backyards. Illicit chickens could be anywhere …

Recipes for a classic, unfussy Southern meal built around field peas and history

It’s what’s on the inside that counts. Photos: April McGreger Growing up in a rural Mississippi farming community, I learned to value connectedness to the land, to the people who grow our food, to those …

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