Elena Kagan's childfree status: The mean take and the green take

Pundits have seized on the fact that new Supreme Court justice Elena Kagan has no kids. Even "feminists" say she comes up short for being childfree.

Ask Umbra on what stinks about perfume, cologne, and fragrant body products

Ask Umbra is fuming about perfume. Here she addresses some of its negative impacts on our bodies and the planet!

Urbivore’s Dilemma, Week 9: The well-traveled vegetable

A takeout eater turned farm-fresh foodivore takes her vegetables on vacation and tries to figure out where to compost their remnants. Should she get a worm bin? Weigh in!

Stephanie Mills on choosing whether or not to have children [VIDEO]

Activist Stephanie Mills answers this question: "What advice do you give people who feel conflict about having children and living sustainably?"

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Solar vibrator helps women get off while getting off the grid

Let's give a squeal of welcome to the newest member of the solar community: the Micro-Kitty solar-powered vibrator. Yes, yes, YES, you should take a peak at this climax in sustainable sex toy innovations.

China to breed humongous bus-subway hybrid that swallows traffic

There may be 9 million bicycles in Beijing, but there's also a heck of a lot of traffic. To deal with all those wheels, Chinese innovators have come up with a Futurama-esque solution: a new breed of mass transit that …

Why did Whole Foods tart up my organic peanut butter?

In which I buy a jar of organic peanut butter from Whole Foods, find that it has added fat and sugar -- just like Jif! -- and am filled with righteous indignation.

Thieves hate fuel-efficient cars

Yet another reason not to buy a gas-gulping, big-honkin' SUV: They're more likely to get stolen!