promises, promises

Donald Trump promises to revive the coal industry. He can’t.

Trump can't save Big Coal, but he can seriously damage the planet.

with a little help from our friends

Trying to cope with the election? Brexit strugglers share their tips.

Many young voters feel disenfranchised by moves fueled by xenophobia and racism, with dire consequences for the climate.

David vs Goliath

California county bans fracking, even though big oil spent big money to stop it.

There's a small bit of good news on the fracking front.

The Big Bank Theory

Is your bank funding the Dakota Access Pipeline? Here’s how to find a new bank.

Dozens of big banks have made loans to the company building the controversial pipeline. Take your money elsewhere, advises Umbra Fisk.

IUD, But You Do You

Worried about your reproductive rights? Here’s what to do.

The election results have put a lot of women into panic -- reasonably so. But here are some steps to take.

As the world turns

World continues spinning on its axis.

Americans awoke Wednesday morning surprised to find that the sun still rises and 2 plus 2 still equals 4.

Joys of Catfishing

That fish might be lying about its identity, but it also might be more sustainable.

A new study suggests that mislabeled fish tend to come from less endangered varieties.

broken records

The last five years were — say it with me — the hottest five years on record.

Deja vu, all over again.

Can We Not Fucking Do This

Are “I Voted” stickers bad for the planet?

Point, counterpoint, point.