Which is scarier: The San Andreas trailer or Seattle’s future earthquake?

If you enjoy abject fear, you could just come to Seattle and stand near the Alaskan Way Viaduct every day, waiting to die.

Babe Alert!

Jane Goodall, Barbie, and a comedian after contraception: It’s Woman Crush Wednesday

Our weekly roundup of badass women in the news also includes an activist who's finally making hospital food tasty and locally sourced.


What farm cooperatives can do for the food system — and farmers

Cooperatives aren't a panacea, but they could get regionally sourced pancetta to a supermarket near you. 


In Germany, elderly bike messengers will deliver your local veggies

It's the Germans' answer to Amazon drones, and it's way, way better.


Just like you, NASA wants to send your kids to Mars — but for different reasons

Watch the Human to Mars summit livestream this week, and see how NASA plans to get our asses to Mars.


Watch Grist writers read mean comments

Some folks love us; other people hate us. Either way, give to Grist today!

With Farms Wide Open

From farmworker to farm owner: One man’s story of the American dream

What is the bigger challenge: Going from farmworker to farmer, or immigrant to citizen?

Climate & Energy

Boston’s airport is going green(ish)

Airport officials plan to cut emissions and plan for sea level rise. Good luck!

Chicken Fun

Give the chickens in your life, dead or alive, a little love today

On International Respect for Chickens Day, we have some tips on how to be a bonafide Ally of Chickens. (You can still eat them.)