Reminder: Abortion is legal and you shouldn’t be paying for birth control

In this week’s Shots & Chasers, we’re giving you what you need to know about your reproductive rights now.


Taco Bell is a Crunchwrap Supreme jerk on food sourcing

Animal welfare is in with most fast food conglomerates, but Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and KFC just don't care.


One of the first free towns founded by former slaves is being taken over by Big Oil

The residents of Mossville, La., have spent years living near multiple industrial plants and have the chronic diseases to show for it.

Climate & Energy

How to explain climate change to teens

Follow along as a science educator from the Alliance for Climate Education finds lively ways to teach teenagers about rising temperatures.

Scientists told President LBJ about climate change in 1965

Too bad it didn't change anything.

There’s plastic in your fancy sea salt, study says

Plastics soak up pollutants in water and deposit them in your body. And that's not good.

Cold Clocked

Turns out Daylight Saving Time really does suck

When an exhausted reader wonders what the benefits of Daylight Saving Time really are, Umbra sets the record (and the clock) straight.

Climate & Energy

“Punk archaeologists” study the human side of the oil industry in the Bakken shale

An archaeological team documents the lives of North Dakota oil workers in temporary settlements.


Special lane addresses the bane of sidewalks everywhere: Slow walkers

The fast sidewalk lane is meant to speed shoppers to a store, but we hope it spreads.