This Amish paradise goes beyond organic farming

Leave it to the Amish to modernize farming without harmful agri-chemicals.


Couldn’t make SXSW Eco? Watch it here

The lineup of this year's SXSW Eco reads like the who's who of environmentalism -- join in on the fun!


Nature called to say she’s over you — and she sounds suspiciously like Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford, and Edward Norton lend their voices to inanimate entities for some passive aggressive human-shaming.


How many times can I use a towel before it gets gross?

A reader wants to dry off responsibly. Umbra brings out the fold standby.

A shroom of one's own

How to pick mushrooms without poisoning yourself

The beginner's guide to mushroom hunting -- because every fungi forager has to start somewhere.

The planetary redemption

Watch Morgan Freeman present an awesome vision of a green future

Attention, world leaders: When Morgan Freeman tells you to do something, you better do it.


Here’s why landlubbers should care about the ocean

If your eyes are already glazing over, bear with me -- here are 6 ways you should be thinking about the ocean.


Apparently, water is a luxury in Detroit, not a right

A judge says Detroit can continue to cut off water to residents because the city "can't afford any revenue slippage."


Why Wyoming is doing bison right

How Prairie Monarch Bison Ranch is building a better food system.

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