Harry Potter implicated in first driverless car death

A Tesla sedan got into a fatal accident while in autopilot mode -- and it looks like the driver was watching a DVD at the time.

Come smell or high water

Hey oceans: We need to talk about your odor problem

The smell of the seas is changing, and fossil fuels are to blame.

Soak Me, Soak Me

Is it safe to use a soaker hose in my veggie garden?

Advice maven Umbra Fisk uncoils some advice for a gardener who thinks her recycled-rubber hose looks a bit seedy.


There’s now a Tinder for National Parks

Would you swipe right on the Grand Canyon? I don't know, I hear he’s kind of a dick.

Conan the Vegetarian

Arnold Schwarzenegger is here to terminate your hamburger addiction

Schwarzenegger and James Cameron team up to curb meat eating.

Scratching the surface

Why your poison ivy allergy is about to get worse

What’s worse than poison ivy? Poison ivy on climate change.

Houston, We Have A Problem

Even with the Supreme Court ruling on abortion clinics, there’s still a big mess in Texas

Everything IS bigger, including the affronts to women’s health.

Leave no Stonewall unturned

Obama creates national monument at iconic NYC gay bar

The Stonewall Inn, site of trailblazing LGBTQ protests, is now the newest addition to the national park system.

Business & Technology

Trader Joe’s: Looks adorable, passes gas like a climate villain

The EPA just dinged the chain for its criminally leaky refrigerators.