Dirty Dancing

Rick Perry once said he would eliminate the Department of Energy. Now he will run it.

Texas political insiders call him "Bush without the brains."


Can Airbnb keep its users from discriminating against each other?

Sharing our resources is one piece of a more sustainable future -- if we can share fairly.

lol, i guess

America may not be great again, but SNL is getting there.

If you're gonna pick a climate denier for head of the EPA, why not Walter White for head of the DEA?

Wipe out

Are those magic sponges terrible for the environment?

A reader wonders about the impact of melamine sponges like the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Advice columnist Umbra Fisk investigates.

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In the age of Trumpian climate policy, do we have to find a new Earth? Read up on it.

You probably missed some great reads on the World Wide Web this week.

Republicans are taking coal miners’ pensions and their healthcare. (UPDATED)

Democratic senators are vowing to block a spending bill unless Republicans act.

Put A Hat On It

Turns out putting on a condom is good for the planet AND the economy.

Birth control might be a one-stop shop to reduce emissions and increase income per capita.

Remember that time ...

These 50 people changed the world in 2016.

From scientists to supermodels, these individuals are dedicated to solving tomorrow's problems.

solar flare

The world’s largest solar plant is here, and it’s in India.

The new plant could power up to 150,000 homes.