Flip sync battle

Should you always turn the lights out when leaving a room?

A reader wonders if it's wasteful to flip lights on and off too quickly. Advice columnist Umbra Fisk offers an illuminating answer.

Still Not Stewart

Seth Meyers: Eco-warrior?

Seth Meyers lays into climate-denier excuses.

dumping on trump

A GOP senator had strong words for Donald Trump’s wind smears.

Trump is no fan of wind power, and Chuck Grassley is angry.

path of beast resistance

Beautiful map shows the future of animal migration

This mesmerizing GIF shows how a warming planet is forcing animals to relocate.

The milky way

A new kind of packaging cuts food waste, replaces plastic, and — if you’re still hungry — it’s edible.

A contender to dethrone plastic packages

Extreme sports

As if running weren’t awful enough, a 5k has an added layer of misery: Coal dust.

An unusual 5K douses racers in... coal dust.

No parents allowed

This playground encourages kids to use tools, get dirty, and let their imaginations run wild

The "adventure playground" trend hits New York City.


Surprise! Creating barriers to the abortion pill actually just ends up hurting women.

The results are in on the effects of an Ohio Supreme Court ruling that limited access to medication abortion -- and they're not pretty.

Good weed

Farmers, the most likely cause of the monarch butterfly’s travails, may now be their salvation.

Farmers are coming up with creative ways to help butterflies bounce back.