The human population is aging. Can our cities handle it?

A new report says we should make our cities more "age-friendly" with better housing, transportation, and other accommodations for the elderly.


Cara Delevingne knows more about climate change than Donald Trump, also has better balance

Granted, that is setting the bar quite low.

43 years young

Happy birthday, Roe v. Wade! You’re in good company

"What’s my age again?” asks Roe v. Wade. 43. You’re 43 today.

Sorry! Winter Storm Jonas doesn’t make climate change a liberal hoax

Don't listen to the deniers.

The EPA’s role in Flint’s water crisis

Michigan's governor has borne the brunt of the blame, but there's plenty to go around.

Angry moms get gun-toters booted from Whole Foods

These women didn't let openly carried firearms stand between them and organic asparagus water.

Are we alone in the universe because all the aliens went extinct?

A new study suggests the life may have evolved all over the place a few billion years ago, but only Earthlings survived.

Koch brother resigns from museum board after calls from scientists

The billionaire polluter was on the American Museum of Natural History's board for 23 years. No more.

Grocery Point Blank

My city banned plastic bags — now where am I supposed to recycle them?

A zealous city banned plastic bags -- then got rid of the bag-recycling bins too. Stuck with a bunch of bags, a reader asks advice maven Umbra Fisk how to handle the situation.