Climate & Energy

Meet the director of a solar documentary you’ll actually want to watch

Grist chats with "Catching the Sun" director Shalini Kantayya about storytelling in the climate movement and mixing energy policy with social policy.

If You Build It, They Will Groan

Oil heir bringing Mormon-inspired sustainable city to rural Vermont

Could a sustainable city designed nearly 200 years ago change the world? One developer is scooping up land in the hopes of finding out.


Is human composting the future of death?

We film a backyard burial process and learn about about human composting from an expert.

Oolong Time Coming

If you don’t talk to your co-workers about tea-kettle use, who will?

When a writer from Vermont finds herself in a tea-obsessed office, she wonders which water-heating method is the most energy-efficient. In response, advice maven Umbra Fisk thinks steep thoughts.


Spring is here! And so are the semen trees.

Bradford pear trees, also known as the Callery pear, are the bane of springtime.


If you live in a city, this PBS quiz tells you you’re an elitist. Don’t believe it.

Why is PBS is pushing racist, anti-urban propaganda from controversial conservative Charles Murray?

Business & Technology

Affordable Teslas? Elon Musk is about to take your brain to Mars.

The Model 3 is expected to cost $35,000 and get 200 miles per charge.


Excuse me — do you know where my Appalachia is?

Relatively few people seem to understand what, where, or why the region is -- or even how to pronounce it. Surprise: It's all pretty complicated.