Cold Clocked

Turns out Daylight Saving Time really does suck

When an exhausted reader wonders what the benefits of Daylight Saving Time really are, Umbra sets the record (and the clock) straight.

Climate & Energy

“Punk archaeologists” study the human side of the oil industry in the Bakken shale

An archaeological team documents the lives of North Dakota oil workers in temporary settlements.


Special lane addresses the bane of sidewalks everywhere: Slow walkers

The fast sidewalk lane is meant to speed shoppers to a store, but we hope it spreads.


This McDonald’s shill is preaching diet tips in schools

Surprise, surprise: Those tips include plenty of Big Macs.

No bones about it: Climate change could wreck your sex life

Congratulations, climate change! Study shows conceptions go down when temperatures rise.


Watch and learn what “organic” actually tells you about food and sustainability

Our video explains how the organic rules are kind of like a school uniform.


This philosopher has a new definition of “nature,” and it includes traffic jams

Koert van Mensvoort's vision of "Next Nature" doesn't distinguish between what's born and what's built.


Move over, Honeycrisp: There’s a race to create America’s next big apple

Growers are scrambling to produce crisper and more flavorful varieties.


Taco, burrito, what’s coming out of Chipotle’s Speedo? It’s troubles

This is the fast food giant's third food poisoning crisis of 2015.