fresh beats

Stop what you’re doing and watch kids rap about growing food.

This viral video has a vital message.

toxic lake

How the sugar industry killed Florida’s beaches.

The Weather Channel shows just how bad Florida's green sludge problem could get -- and who is to blame.

Think outside the box

Is boxed water actually eco-friendly?

Water packaged in cartons instead of bottles is being marketed as "better" for the environment. Is it? Advice maven Umbra Fisk investigates.

5 tips (and more) for the vegan-curious

Watch and find out!


The case for imperfect veganism

You can catch more vegan-curious with honey than with vinegar.


There’s a new dystopian show to channel all your real-life fears.

"Incorporated" is set in 2074, after climate change has led to the collapse of the U.S. government.

Remember that time ...

Cheap clothes are killing the planet, but you probably already knew that.

Watch the video that drove the conversation around clothing waste.

That Ain't Good

Man, this sea ice situation has really looked better.

Arctic and Antarctic sea ice levels are at record lows.

Reality? Check!

For the next 24 hours, Al Gore is treating us to celebs, interviews, and his favorite slideshows all about climate change.

Check out the Climate Reality Project's live broadcast of performances, interviews, and educational segments.