Why do we spend so much time talking about reproductive rights? Because it’s the primary arena in which women’s rights are inferior to those of men — but it’s definitely not the only one. I read something this week that infuriated me so much I had to listen to Spurned Woman Country Music (a most beloved genre) for three straight hours: The cost of simply being a woman tallies up to about $430,480 over the course of your career. That figure varies quite a bit from state to state — in Louisiana, it can be up to $671,000.

That’s insane! That’s an insane amount of money. This week, I’m going to try to put that number into perspective for you by sharing some things you could buy for that much money. They’re really tiny chasers of rage, but that’s the point! Get pissed off and go ask for a raise. (Disclaimer: That’s probably not the best way to ask for a raise.)

SHOT: This deeply personal story from Rolling Stone ties together the author’s experience with miscarriage, access to Planned Parenthood, and how Gov. John Kasich — touted as the moderate, reasonable Republican candidate — has effectively taken a jackhammer to abortion rights in his home state of Ohio.