Local in winter: An invitation

What does it take for you to eat locally grown foods in winter? We want your tips, ideas, stories, and recipes.

Why farms want cold winters

Below the surface, freezing does a lot of good; here’s why warmer winters are troubling.

We can fund that! USDA grants help the local food movement grow

With a new round of grants worth $44 million, the government is helping small, local food producers move toward reaching a wider audience.

Urban farmers vs. NIMBYist vegans, round one

Urban farmers are raising and slaughtering their own livestock, and a shadowy organization called Neighbors Opposed to Backyard Slaughter is up in arms about it.

Al rodente: Could squirrel meat come back into vogue?

Squirrel is like the drive-through cheeseburger of the forest -- albeit a cheeseburger that needs to be gutted first.

New Agtivist: Adam Berman, faith-based urban farmer

Meet the founder of Urban Adamah, a one-acre urban farm in Berkeley and a fellowship for young people that integrates organic farming, social justice, and progressive Jewish spiritual practice.

Lexicon of Sustainability: Mobile slaughterhouse

As the meat industry has grown more consolidated over the years, most small farms have had to truck their animals hundreds of miles to have them processed. Mobile slaughter trucks are a creative solution to this challenge.

Real Time Farms tells you exactly where your food came from

Real Time Farms is a “crowd-sourced online food guide” that tells you exactly where the meal on your plate came from. As crazy as it sounds, our vision is to collectively document the whole food system.

Africa’s first green, locavore, gluten-free beer

In Mozambique, home brewing is big -- not because the country is full of mustachioed, fixie-riding expats from Portlandia, but just because it's less expensive. So when brewing giant SABMiller wanted to figure out how to sell beer to people …