North by Northwest [VIDEO]

This Pacific Northwest is home to sea beans, clams called geoducks, and other silly seaside creatures -- all delicious with a dash of homemade salt.

Irene's damage not 'overrated' for farmers

From apple orchards in New York to sweet corn fields in Massachusetts, we take a look at how farmers are faring after the storm.

Waters runs deep: Chez Panisse at 40

Can slow-food pioneer and trailblazing chef Alice Waters transcend white-tablecloth exclusivity to change the way Americans eat?

Teen acres [VIDEO]

Here's a Portland project that enables kids to actually get paid to farm -- further proof that the city is on the cutting edge of farms and food.

Too many markets or not enough farmers?

Is the growth of farmers markets around the U.S. too much of a good thing? Or do we need to grow more farmers and more infrastructure to meet demand?

More farmers markets mean more jobs

The U.S. now has 7,175 farmers markets, up 17% from last year. Those markets and the local food systems behind them could generate a lot of jobs.

California gleaning [VIDEO]

What happens when farms grow more food than they sell? California's Farm to Pantry ensures that these quality, leftover fruits and veggies make their way to worthy plates

Let them eat dandelions

New York City is cracking down on plant foraging in public parks. Veteran forager Leda Meredith explains why foraging is good for parks and people.

Three farms, one dinner [VIDEO]

Join in on an after-hours dinner party with Samin Nosrat of Tartine Bakery showcasing the best local ingredients Bay Area farms have to offer.