Fox News thinks pollution is good for the planet

Fox News is now apparently telling viewers that pollution helps forests grow.

Climate & Energy

Media ignore climate change in reporting on wildfires

Only 3 percent of reports on Western wildfires by major TV and print outlets mention climate change, according to a new report by Media Matters.


The news pays almost 50 times more attention to Kardashians than to ocean acidification

It’s probably not a huge surprise that ocean acidification, a carbon-induced chemical change that poses a huge threat to sea life, gets way less media coverage than the Kardashians, a family of prancing ninnies that poses a huge threat to …


We’ll be right back, after these quick falsehoods

The political ads are deceptive and the news contains spin. Maybe we should just watch Bravo and Cartoon Network.


Newly discovered mushroom is actually a rubber vagina

Well here’s a story that sounds like an urban legend: Villagers in China unearthed a mysterious plant that they thought might be some type of mushroom. It’s described as “fleshy and meaty,” with “something that looks like lips” at one …


Flash mob proves conclusively that cars are the most annoying ever

Flash mob factory Improv Everywhere stages weird, transcendent little moments of cooperation, synchronicity, and pantslessness (they’re the ones behind the No-Pants Subway Ride). But their latest effort, the Car Alarm Symphony, doesn’t do much besides prove that parking lots, already …


Facebook will sell me to you, and you to me

Facebook is going to try to turn personal relationships into an advertising medium. That will be a big turn-off -- and will spur the search for better alternatives.


David Attenborough narrates video of a tortoise humping a shoe

You may remember the internet going mildly crazy for this video of a tortoise with sexual identity issues. (Not his identity, just the identity of his chosen mate, which is a Croc.) It had all the hallmarks of a blockbuster …

Climate Change

Most climate communication only reaches partisans

Most climate coverage in the media is on cable news and political blogs, and most of the people consuming that news have already made up their minds about climate change.