Natural Gas

Is fracking polluting Pennsylvania groundwater or not?

It depends on how you want to frame it. But a new study provides no evidence that it does.

Complete jerks think fracking is more important than democracy

In North Carolina, of course.

No place is safe from fracking, not even graveyards

No place blessed with an abundance of natural gas is safe from the possibility of fracking — not even cemeteries. In Texas, the president of the cemetery association has already been selling the gas underneath his graveyard, the Centre Daily …

Good news about fossil fuels! Related: Bad news about fossil fuels!

You will basically be rewarded for not reading this post to the end.

General public still unaware of what fracking is — much less its impacts

A survey from the University of Texas indicates that nearly two-thirds of Americans aren't familiar with fracking – even as anecdotes about negative effects pile up.

New York likely to limit fracking — to some of the state’s poorest counties

Of course, those counties are the ones sitting over the necessary shale formation. But it's a perpetuation of a long-difficult link between pollution and poverty.

Protests temporarily delay opening Alabama forests to drilling

Key word there: temporarily.

North Dakota’s fossil fuel boom: Messy

A report from ProPublica reveals that the state's booming economy has resulted in tens of thousands of gallons of spilled oil and wastewater.

Halliburton gets tripped up by Indian bean farmers*

Spiking demand for a bean used in the fracking process has been a huge boon for farmers in rural India -- but it's caused Halliburton's profits to tumble. (Don't worry. They'll survive.)