Natural Gas

Natural Gas

Mark Ruffalo on Colbert Report

Mark Ruffalo went on The Colbert Report to talk about fracking, and Stephen yelled at him — even though he acknowledged later that it’s probably a bad idea to yell at the Hulk.


Tim DeChristopher put in ‘isolated confinement’

Climate activist Tim DeChristopher, still serving his sentence for disrupting a government auction of oil leases, has been transferred to isolated confinement. He’s been there since March 9.

Natural Gas

For Pennsylvania’s doctors, a gag order on fracking chemicals

A new law forbids the state's doctors from sharing information with patients exposed to toxic fracking solutions.

Natural Gas

EPA: ‘This water is fine, apart from all the methane’

The Environmental Protection Agency said that Dimock, Pa., has safe drinking water in spite of fracking. But independent testing found dangerous levels of methane. What gives?

Natural Gas

Fracking can toxify mortgages, too

Homeowners and taxpayers face complex questions about the hazards and risks associated with fracking, and its impact on mortgages and the housing sector remains unknown.

Energy Policy

Obama debuts new energy theme: Past vs. future

While his opponents demagogue gas prices, President Obama is pushing a new theme: America needs to leave the past behind and embrace our energy future.

Energy Policy

The only solution to high gas prices — with charts!

Sen. Jeff Bingaman shares the only way to reduce vulnerability to rising oil prices. Hint: It's not the Keystone XL.

Energy Policy

Meet the worst Senate amendment that ever lived

A new amendment to the Senate transportation bill greenlights the Keystone XL pipeline and drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, among other Big Oil monstrosities.

Natural Gas

Natural born drillers: Why shale gas won’t end our energy woes

Energy utilities and politicians on both sides of the aisle are eager to swallow industry promises of a bright, shale-gas-powered future. But both history and the data show that a bust could be right around …

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