Natural Gas

Fracking can toxify mortgages, too

Homeowners and taxpayers face complex questions about the hazards and risks associated with fracking, and its impact on mortgages and the housing sector remains unknown.

Obama debuts new energy theme: Past vs. future

While his opponents demagogue gas prices, President Obama is pushing a new theme: America needs to leave the past behind and embrace our energy future.

The only solution to high gas prices — with charts!

Sen. Jeff Bingaman shares the only way to reduce vulnerability to rising oil prices. Hint: It's not the Keystone XL.

Meet the worst Senate amendment that ever lived

A new amendment to the Senate transportation bill greenlights the Keystone XL pipeline and drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, among other Big Oil monstrosities.

Natural born drillers: Why shale gas won’t end our energy woes

Energy utilities and politicians on both sides of the aisle are eager to swallow industry promises of a bright, shale-gas-powered future. But both history and the data show that a bust could be right around the corner.

Myhrvold: 50 simple things won’t fix the climate — but a few complex things might

Nathan Myhrvold responds to follow-up questions about his paper that found that the transition to carbon-free energy must begin immediately.

Alaska is about to get fracked up

Alaska’s been coasting on its stores of easy-access oil, but a new report from the U.S. Geological Survey shows that the state has a motherlode of shale oil and natural gas. You know what means — here come the frackers. …

As fracking boom hits Ohio, industry deceives landowners

Tapes reveal fracking industry reps misleading Ohio landowners about the value of their land and the chemicals involved in the practice.

Time for an oil change: Americans strongly oppose fossil fuel subsidies

A Yale poll found that Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to oil, coal, and gas subsidies.