California Dreamin'

California is betting $2 million that its traffic jams can generate electricity.

A similar Israeli pilot program failed -- unbeknownst to the California state representative who proposed the funding for it.

Are we there yet?

India will jump on the bandwagon for global climate action.

India's ratification brings the climate agreement within spitting distance of the required totals.

Space Oddity

Gary Johnson has an out-of-this-world plan to save us from climate change.

The Libertarian Party presidential candidate thinks we humans should move to another planet.


What’s that German word for waiting for a debate question on your issue, only to be crushed every time?

If you care, welcome to the personal hell of watching presidential debates.

No Baby

Happy World Contraception Day! Is your birth control working for you?

There are now five different forms of IUD on the market. Options are nice!

wildfire and brimstone

Haze fills the air and ash rains from the sky: Just another day in Siberia.

The northern Russian region has been quietly burning all summer long.

life on the pipeline

North American tribes forge an alliance to fight oil projects.

Over 50 U.S. and Canadian indigenous communities signed a historic pan-continental treaty.

The Great Unmentionable

Debate moderators say climate questions don’t make good TV

Who cares? It’s only the fate of humanity!

What's in a name?

Trump gives his classic right-wing energy plan a scary historical name

Scary, but accurate.