empty promises

Trump has no clue what it takes to ensure clean air and water.

In his address to Congress, the president made some nice-sounding promises. Too bad his actions undermine them.

Here’s how the Standing Rock Sioux will keep fighting Dakota Access — in court

The last, best chance to kill the oil pipeline is a series of legal challenges being pushed by tribes.

A drinking problem

Trump is coming for your clean water.

This marks the first time Trump has formally pushed a regulatory change at the EPA, but it won't be the last.

reality based

It’s safe for scientists to raise some heck when it comes to climate change.

Taking a public stand won't hurt a scientist's public rep, according to a new study.

better than organic?

Robots are raising your kale now.

One New Jersey farm grows pesticide-free greens with a little help from AI.

Slash and burn

Trump plans to slash EPA’s budget and boost the military’s.

The White House wants to chop funding for climate programs in particular, though they're just a teeny-tiny fraction of defense spending.

Sic transit gloria

Transit ridership is slipping in some big cities.

Why the heck are fewer people taking transit?

Oh say, can you DNC?

Climate activists are rooting for Keith Ellison to head up the Democratic National Committee.

Bill McKibben argues that Ellison, a progressive, would help the party regain credibility with young people.

Standing Rock is burning.

As they evacuated camp, water protectors set fire to tents according to tribal tradition -- one last blaze of defiance against the pipeline.