Earlier this week, CBS reported that New York state will roll out new guidelines to allow fracking sometime after Labor Day. It’s a vague story, to be sure, but it meshes with reports from late June about fracking companies getting an early peek at the restrictions.

Existing fracking regulations. Click to embiggen.

There’s another reason to believe a rule is imminent: both pro- and anti-fracking groups have taken to the airwaves along the state’s southern border with Pennsylvania. That’s the region most likely to be cleared for new drilling, sitting on the northern rim of the natural gas-permeated Marcellus shale.

The Times reports on the advertising battle:

Two coalitions of landowners and businesses that support hydrofracking began a new advertising campaign last week, arguing that fracking would be an important source of new jobs and economic activity. Those groups are running an advertisement in newspapers in the Southern Tier, as well as 30- and 60-second radio ads in Albany and the Southern Tier, that focus on President Obama’s support for expanding natural gas production; the ads are scheduled to continue for several weeks.