Climate & Energy

Seas may rise 10 yards during centuries ahead

Even if the world manages to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius, the seas will rise five yards, scientists report in a new study.

Climate & Energy

Tea Partiers fight over solar power in Georgia, and the solar fans win

A Koch-backed group didn't want a new solar mandate, but another set of Tea Partiers thinks energy diversity is a smart idea.

Climate & Energy

Fracking industry cleanup workers exposed to benzene in Colorado, feds allege

Workers sent to clean up natural-gas liquid spilled by a plant that processes fracked gas near Parachute Creek, Colo., were exposed to cancer-causing chemicals.

Climate & Energy

Solar installations soar in California

California utility customers installed a record-breaking 391 megawatts of solar power systems last year, thanks to a successful rebate program.

Climate & Energy

Illinois town bans stripping because of fracking

Fairfield, Ill., is outlawing nude and exotic dancing in order to head off any trouble that might accompany an influx of fracking workers.

Climate & Energy

You can look forward to more blackouts in a climate-changed world

The Energy Department says climate change is threatening the nation's power plants and other energy infrastructure, making it harder to keep the lights on.

Climate & Energy

A Republican calls for climate action — and has to remain anonymous to keep job

A GOP House staffer has written a prizewinning piece advocating conservative action on climate change, but he’s afraid to reveal his name.


Diet soda won’t save you from obesity or diabetes

"Sugar-free" does not mean "good for you." Research links diet soda to excessive weight gain, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Climate & Energy

U.S. and China continue to play nice on climate

The two countries agreed this week on five new climate initiatives, including ones focused on carbon capture at power plants and building energy efficiency.

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