Syngenta to take a continent to court to upend pesticide ban

Syngenta is suing the European Commission to let it continue selling neonic insecticides that kill pollinating bees.


Is the NSA surveillance program really about spying on environmentalists?

Environmentalists -- harmless hippie treehuggers who can easily be ignored or dangerous eco-terrorists who need to be watched?

Business & Technology

Coal shoulder: BLM sells controversial coal mining lease, but no one’s buying

Wyoming's Bureau of Land Management held a sale for the lease of 148 million tons of coal that received not a single bid, a first in state history.

Climate & Energy

By 2050, flooding could cost the world’s coastal cities over $60 billion a year

That’s only if cities make significant investments to mitigate risk. If we do nothing, flooding costs could soar to $1 trillion.

Business & Technology

Tesla Model S rocks safety tests, gets highest possible score

The sexiest car on the market has now officially been deemed the safest. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave top marks to the Tesla sedan.

Climate & Energy

Fracking frenzy slows as oil and gas assets plummet in price

Shale assets are worth less and less thanks to an oversaturated market and production that hasn’t always lived up to expectations.


Democrats will soon have a big, fat fight over fracking

Many Democratic politicians are pro-fracking. Many core Democratic voters are not. As the 2016 election nears, that conflict will heat up.

Climate & Energy

Climate scientists are 95 percent sure that humans are causing global warming

Leaked drafts of the forthcoming fifth IPCC climate report reveal that scientists are more sure than ever before that we're screwing up the climate.

Business & Technology

Don’t expect that hybrid minivan any time soon

Toyota sells a hybrid minivan in Japan, but it has no plans to sell one in the U.S., and neither do any other automakers.