Rare-earth mining in Chile could make China look bad

A greener process for extracting rare-earth elements could mean higher prices but clearer consciences for tech manufacturers.

Climate & Energy

Should oil companies have a seat at the climate negotiating table?

European oil majors are calling for international climate negotiators to put a price on carbon. Some green groups are skeptical.


Move over, cotton. This smart fabric could change our lives

Introducing the latest in wearable tech: clothing that regulates body temp.

Hey Girl

Study says street harassment is everywhere, still sucks

Hollaback! and Cornell University have just published the results of the largest international study of street harassment to date.


Diverse cities don’t always have diverse neighborhoods

Some of the most racially "diverse" cities in the country are also the most segregated.


Scientists may have found a solution for space pollution

There's a bunch of junk orbiting Earth, and these scientists want to destroy it using lasers.


The Constitution doesn’t care about your uterus

We're stuck in a hellish tango around the constitutional validity of controlling our uteri.

blade shunner

This wind turbine has no blades — and that’s why it’s better

The Vortex bladeless turbine uses the wind to vibrate instead of spin. That makes it cheaper, quieter, and more reliable than a bladed turbine.


Scientists may have found a way to eliminate antibiotic-resistant infections

New gene-editing technologies may take down antibiotic-resistant bacteria once and for all.