Colorado considers bill to make it easier to sue Big Oil over fracking earthquakes

Anti-fracking legislation is picking up steam in Colorado.

China’s new 5-year plan is out, and it doesn’t sacrifice the environment for the economy

The plan calls for a cap on energy consumption while maintaining economic growth.

After Keystone failure, TransCanada comes up with another pipeline scheme in the U.S.

The Canadian pipeline giant plans to buy an American natural gas pipeline company with a history of environmental problems.

General Mills is doing GMO labeling, because it’s just easier

Food companies had been a united front. Now that front is crumbling like a granola bar.

How Guantanamo Bay could be reborn as an ocean science powerhouse

A radical plan could turn the U.S. detention center into a leading marine conservation site.

The world’s energy supply relies on water. Guess what we’re running low on?

Hydropower and thermoelectric power provide about 98 percent of the world's electricity, and both rely heavily on water.

Coal company paid its execs $8 million in bonuses just before filing for bankruptcy

Big Coal may be dying, but its CEOs are doing just fine.

Republicans and Democrats spread the blame around at Flint water crisis hearing

A GOP lawmaker asks, "Why do we even need an EPA?"

Way more Americans are worried about climate change

Weird weather may be spurring increased concern about global warming, a new poll says.