Gulf of Mexico dead zone is big, but not record-breaking big

A 5,800-square-mile area of the Gulf of Mexico is dead this year, starved of oxygen. That's terrible, but not as terrible as had been feared.

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Leak-prone oil tankers to remain on American train tracks for now

The Obama administration has announced another delay in better regulating the type of disaster-prone rail cars that exploded in Quebec earlier this month.

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Leaked EPA document raises questions about fracking pollution

The EPA doesn't seem very interested in finding out whether fracking pollutes groundwater, according to a report in the L.A. Times.

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Anti-Keystone activists keep the heat on

Some marched 100 miles in a Walk for Our Grandchildren. Some got arrested protesting the Keystone pipeline. All are part of a big climate activism push this summer.


Herbicides linked to farmer depression

A study of more than 700 French farmers and farmworkers found that those who used herbicides were more than twice as likely to suffer from depression.


Feds want food importers to ramp up safety measures

The FDA says food purveyors should no longer be able to skirt U.S. food safety rules by producing their product abroad and then selling it to Americans.


Dems plan to talk about climate action during August, Republican deniers plan to talk nonsense

Some anti-science Republicans just can't stop saying stupid things about global warming, even though they're playing into Democrats' hands.


Obama points out economic downsides of Keystone XL

In his most extensive public comments to date on the subject, the president says that Keystone would create few jobs and raise gas prices for Americans.

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Clean energy clash: Solar advocates and conservationists butt heads

As more government land is earmarked for solar and other renewable energy projects, some environmental activists in the West are not happy.