Slick Vid

Here’s a shorebird’s-eye view of the Galveston oil spill

No cooing with disinterested horror over aerial shots of rainbow slicks over water this time -- pull on a pair of waders and slosh through the muck at sea level.

Grocery cartel

Mexican gangs learn that lime pays (also crime)

Another day, another ring of organized criminals making the transition from eight balls to tasty treats!

Climate & Energy

Congress successfully took the wind out of wind energy’s sails last year

Just 1 gigawatt of new wind energy capacity was installed in the U.S. last year -- down from 13 gigawatts the year before. Thanks, Congress!

Business & Technology

Ohio lawmakers: All right, folks, we guess it’s OK for you to buy Teslas

Ohio lawmakers have backed away from a potential ban on Tesla's sales centers, but they will only allow three of the centers to operate in their state.

Track star

Is this train the “little engine that could” for clean energy storage?

Repurposed trains go up and down hills, Slinky style, and in the process store surplus energy.

Climate & Energy

BP’s newly upgraded refinery just spilled oil into Chicago’s water source

An oil spill from BP's Whiting refinery was just the latest in a string of similar accidents across the U.S.


Christie’s new woe: Court rules he illegally dumped climate protections

When Christie's administration unilaterally pulled out out of a regional cap-and-trade program in 2011, it broke the law, an appeals court rules.

Dream of Californication

Meet the new California, where Paris Hilton isn’t cool but walking, biking, and transit are

Survey shows that Californians choose low-emissions modes of transportation for twice as many trips as they did 10 years ago.

Load of carp

Can we eat our way out of the invasive carp problem?

Invasive Asian fish are breeding like rabbits in American waterways, and pushing everything else out. Let's push back with our plates.