Arctic sea ice hits another record low

One scientist says, “I’ve never seen such a warm, crazy winter in the Arctic."

Luxury Arctic cruise ship sets sail. What could go wrong?

The loss of Arctic sea ice cover has spurred a sharp rise in shipping traffic -- as well as coast guard rescue missions.

Earthquakes caused by oil drillers are now so common that the government just assumes they’re coming

In parts of Oklahoma and Kansas, the tremor risk is now on par with quake-prone California.

Half of U.S. oil is now fracked — but it might not stay that way

America's 300,000 fracking wells pumped out 4.3 million barrels per day in 2015.

Alarm clock appeals to your good nature to break your snoozing habit. We have a better idea

Each time you hit snooze, the alarm clock app gives $1 of your money to a wildlife charity.

Trump manages to surprise us with strange “climate” obsession

The Donald won't stop talking about nuclear weapons as climate change.

Huge wind project moves forward despite states’ objections

The project will move 4,000 megawatts of power from Texas and Oklahoma through Arkansas and into the Southeast.

Marijuana is legal in Colorado, but rain barrels still are not

A bill to legalize use of rain barrels is being considered by the state legislature, to the chagrin of some farmers and ranchers.

Scotland closes its last coal-fired power plant

Looks like coal power in Scotland is becoming almost as elusive as Nessie.