A frightening record: Carbon dioxide levels show biggest-annual jump

We're crashing climate records left and right.

Tech billionaires and Republican leaders use secret retreat to plot against Trump

It hasn't worked yet. Why would it now?

Sanders and Clinton both want to crack down on fracking. Is that such a good idea?

If we curb natural gas production, that could lead to more coal burning at power plants.

Virginia Republicans nominate climate-denying misogynist for state Supreme Court

Ken Cuccinelli, infamous for his witch hunt against climate scientist Michael Mann, could wind up on the bench.

Surprise! A third of Congress members are climate change deniers

And — surprise again — they get a lot of money from fossil fuel companies.

Canada and U.S., longtime frenemies on climate change, join forces at last

Canada's Justine Trudeau is meeting with Obama and the two leaders will announce a climate deal.

Las Vegas casinos want to go renewable, and that means a fight with the state’s utility

Embracing solar energy is a good business move for casinos, even if it isn’t good for the old-school monopoly utility.

JPMorgan pulls out of coal. Kinda

The bank has backed off from the dirty fuel to fight climate change.

TV coverage of climate change fell last year — but climate denial coverage increased

Since most Americans get their news from television, this is not good.