EPA’s McCarthy slams the agency’s anti-science critics

In a forceful speech during a science meeting, the EPA chief pointed out the blatant hypocrisy of some of the agency's most vocal critics.

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A week after Alaska OKs a big gas pipeline, another gas pipeline ruptures

Alaskan tundra was coated with a mist of oil and natural gas on Monday. The accident was a reminder of the folly of a massive pipeline proposal.

Take that!

Supreme Court slaps down Big Coal

The ruling is a big win for the Obama administration, allowing it crack down on power plant pollution that blows across state borders.


Factory farms get even grosser

As if CAFOs weren't disgusting enough already, now they're spraying manure out of sprinkler systems, and it's contaminating neighbors' homes.

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Duke Energy says it would be too hard to actually fix its coal-ash problem

The company whines that cleaning up all of its coal-ash ponds in North Carolina would take 30 years. Activists don't buy it.

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Californians, stop watering your lawns — for real this time

The entire state is now officially in drought, with a quarter in "exceptional drought." Gov. Jerry Brown says this is no time to waste water on landscaping.

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BP won’t pay for Gulf oil spill research

The oil giant whines that it has forked out a lot for research already, and can't understand why it should have to pay more.

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This company’s gas plants just keep on exploding

A huge blast rocked a Williams gas processing plant in Wyoming last week. Same thing happened at another Williams plant a month earlier. Last year saw explosions, too.

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Canada orders dangerous oil cars off its railways

And they could end up over the border, carrying explosive crude all around the U.S.