Consumerism plays a huge role in climate change

A new study shows that the stuff we consume -- from food to knick-knacks -- is responsible for up to 60 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions.

A group of bicycling women are defying norms in the Middle East

For Palestinian women, the path to women's rights may involve taking the velocipedic approach.

Watching coal plants crumble to a Tchaikovsky score is insanely satisfying

Coal plants like you've never seen them before—exploding to a soundtrack of classical music.

“Passive” wifi could pave the way for connected devices that run on nothing

Rather than batteries or power chords, passive devices use ambient wifi signals to power themselves and communicate with other devices.

Take a hint, “clean coal.” The world is so over you

With renewables getting cheaper, the prospect of expensive, guilt-free fossil fuels is losing its appeal.

Would you prefer your meat well-traveled or cloned, China?

To meet a growing demand for beef, China is already importing Australian cattle and will soon start cloning its own.

All those toxic chemicals in the ocean? Birds are pooping them back on shore

Guano is even grosser than we thought.

Instead of buying something this Friday, fix something

Companies like Apple make it difficult to repair your electronics, but that doesn't mean it's impossible.

Watch this insanely cool simulation of deep Antarctic water

This cold, salty abyss is much more interesting than the one you might be experiencing this holiday season.