Fossil fuels are terrible investments, says top energy economist

The incoming International Energy Agency director warns that dirty investments could become uneconomic.

Methane from fracking is probably more of a problem than EPA thinks

That's the takeaway from a new study of wells in Texas, which was spearheaded by the Environmental Defense Fund.

a song of ice and wildfire

What happens when wildfire meets permafrost in Alaska?

Will the world end in fire or ice? Climate scientists weigh in.

Climate action by cities could help us avoid the worst of climate change

New report from all-star commission says smart urban development is key to hitting emissions targets.

Will Hillary Clinton swear off fossil-fuel money? Bernie Sanders already has

The Nation magazine and 350 Action are challenging presidential candidates to refuse contributions from oil, gas, and coal companies.

Climate change leaves trees out to dry

We’re OK with the drought killing your lawn — but, c’mon, the trees, too?

getting off the grid

Which is harder, Tetris or climate change?

If there's anyone who knows how to solve big problems, it's Henk Rogers, discoverer of Tetris.

We’re coming for you, Cuba

Cuba's an environmental oasis? Wait until the U.S. shows up.

Sorry, polar bears. It’s worse than we thought

A new study looked at polar bears' prospects as the world warms. The verdict? Bad, or very bad.