Kids sue Obama over climate change

A youth coalition argues that the federal government shouldn't be supporting the fossil fuel industry.

Pork Roids

The pork industry is full of this drug you’ve never heard of

FDA-approved ractopamine helps pigs put on muscle, but not everyone thinks it's safe.

It turns out we’ve been trying to control the weather since forever

Despite all the current hype around geoengineering, our attempts to control the world's weather and climate go way, way back.

This communal fridge is pretty damn amazing

A small town in Spain set up a Solidarity Fridge to keep perfectly good food out of the dumpster.

Monsanto’s coming up with an alternative to GMOs

The spray-on crop defense is temporary and doesn't permanently alter genetic information.

Australia files joke of a climate pledge to the U.N.

Critics call the country's greenhouse gas emission targets laughably weak.

This video about the aging pipeline below the Great Lakes should be this summer’s top horror flick

The company that owns the pipeline is responsible for the largest inland oil spill in U.S. history.

How the universe began and how humanity will drown: A scientist’s to-do list

Climate change and the origins of the universe are top priorities for Antarctic and Southern Ocean researchers for the next decade.

Sunspot science throws wrench in favorite climate denialism claim

A new study shows that sunspot activity has not, in fact, increased in recent decades.